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Innovative breakaway weeks at Central Senior integrates students into our community

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Innovative breakaway weeks at Central Senior integrates students into our community
Photo courtesy of Kawartha Conservation.

Hands-up if when you were in Grade 7 or 8 you did any of the following:

*Installed a garden that could withstand drought conditions or one that could absorb water run-off.

*Painted yellow fish on storm gratings and carried out a neighbourhood campaign to inform homeowners of the message they should take away from this.

*Assisted a pharmacist in concocting specially-formulated medicinal mouthwash for cancer patients.

*Prepared a vaping awareness campaign for your peers.

*Helped a butcher convert kidneys, hearts, and livers into dog-food.

*Had an opportunity to shadow a specialist in non-surgical cosmetic medicine. 

Too cool for school, right?

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Alvin Tedjo says he’d roll out basic income for all Ontarians if chosen as Ontario Liberal leader

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Alvin Tedjo says he’d roll out basic income for all Ontarians if chosen as Ontario Liberal leader

Liberal leadership candidate, Alvin Tedjo, says he would provide all Ontarians with Basic Income regardless of employment status. If elected premier, Basic Income would be implemented immediately.

Tedjo’s plan for Basic Income comes on the heels of his announcement last week which would see the Catholic and public school boards merged together under one roof.

Now, Tedjo has come forward and pledged his commitment to address another fundamental challenge — poverty and the changing economy.

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Schmale joins other rural MPs in asking for Lake Simcoe Clean-up Fund to be restored

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Lake Simcoe, near Beaverton. Photo: Roderick Benns.

Local MP Jamie Schmale joined Lake Simcoe area MPs calling on the Prime Minister to follow through on the Lake Simcoe Clean-up Fund.

The six area rural Conservative MPs are asking the new Liberal government to provide a firm commitment and timeline for reinstating the Lake Simcoe Clean-up Fund.

The original funding program assisted local groups with projects that improved the health of the lake for 10 years before it was cancelled by Trudeau’s government two years ago.

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Community groups present their budgets with zero per cent increases

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At the October 29 Special Council meeting, Council heard presentations from the agencies and boards whose budgets are supplemented by the municipality. Due to pressures for the 2020 budget, Council had requested all agencies and boards submit their budgets with a zero percent increase over 2019 levels. In total, $25 million, or 12% of the municipality’s total operating budget is allocated to the services provided by these organizations.

Police Chief Mark Mitchell and Don Thomas, Chair of the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Services Board presented the proposed 2020 budget, noting the Board has kept to the zero percent increase requested by Council. Mitchell explained the pending reduction of funding from the Ministry of Public Safety and Security for three officers posted at the Central East Correctional Centre. The $443,000 reduction was just recently announced and is being discussed with the Ministry with the intention of reversing the decision.

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Summer outreach lunch program fed 735 lunches to hungry children

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Summer outreach lunch program fed 735 lunches to hungry children
Volunteers with bagged lunches.

If it takes a village to raise a child, a town can also come together to help feed kids through the summer months. This is what is happening in Lindsay since summer 2018, where an innovative Summer Outreach Lunch Program is providing healthy bagged lunches to children.

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Time served: Those who have been incarcerated need fresh start

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Years ago on a Toronto subway, Lois Powers noticed a poster of a man leaving prison. The caption read: “Freedom. Now the punishment begins.”

Inspired by this powerful image, Powers went on to work for justice through various positions in social services, including the Toronto John Howard Society. Today she is the executive director of the John Howard Society (JHS) of Kawartha Lakes & Haliburton.

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Former paramedic chief charged with fraud after investigation

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On March 29, 2019 the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service initiated an investigation into reported allegations of fraud and breach of trust, involving the Kawartha Lakes Paramedic Service. After a thorough investigation, the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service has charged 49-year-old Derek Brown with eight counts of fraud under $5,000, eight counts of uttering a forged document and one count of breach of trust.

The accused will attend at the Ontario Court of Justice, located at 440 Kent Street west in Lindsay, on November 28, 2019.

Police had advised that effective April 2, 2019 Acting Paramedic Chief Derek Brown’s employment with the City of Kawartha Lakes had been terminated with cause.

An internal investigation of alleged financial irregularities and breach of trust led the City to contact the City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service. A police investigation was then begun.

The Paramedic Service continued under the direction of Acting Chief Andrew Rafton.

Liberals win election, Schmale takes riding: Is blue the only colour we know?

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Jame Schmale re-elected.

We live in a riding that has been Conservative on a federal level every single year since the 1940s, save former Liberal MP John O’Reilly’s three consecutive wins which must come with an asterisk.

(From 1993 to 2004 the Reform Party vote (or Canadian Alliance) plus the Progressive Conservative vote easily beat O’Reilly’s electoral showing for the Liberals.)

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Business owners: Small Business Week 2019 has it all

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Small Business Week 2019, which runs from Monday, October 21 to Friday, October 25, has something for every business owner with eight events scheduled throughout Kawartha Lakes.

The week kicks off on Monday at 9 am with Kawartha Lakes Small Business Conference hosted by Strike Point Bowling Center, Optimize Wellness Solutions and KLSBEC.

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From the ashes, a new beginning

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A tractor lifts 13 replacement trees into place. Photo: Jamie Morris.

Last month the Advocate reported on the loss of the 13  trees in Lindsay’s tiny Peace Park, located just north of Central Senior Public School on Albert Street. All were ash, all were infested by emerald ash borers. It was, on a small scale, a foretaste of what is happening across the City; experts say all of our 24,000 ash trees will succumb. 

For Peace Park, the loss was particularly poignant:  A plaque mounted near the stumps let visitors know the trees had represented not only our ten provinces and three territories, but “hope for the future.” 

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