Letters to the Editor

Reflecting on Chris Karkabasis


Pat and I were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Lindsay icon, Chris Karkabasis. I first met Chris… Continue reading “Reflecting on Chris Karkabasis”

Mother finds joy and purpose in dementia program


My 93-year-old mother, Rosaleen, has been attending the Silver Lights Adult Day Program for dementia, since it opened in November… Continue reading “Mother finds joy and purpose in dementia program”

Fond memories of the Lindsay Post

I enjoyed reading your piece on the 10th year anniversary of the closing of the Lindsay Daily Post. I can… Continue reading “Fond memories of the Lindsay Post”

Underlying reasons for doctor shortage must be addressed

The solution to the family doctor crisis in Kawartha Lakes referred to in the February Advocate (Doctoring a solution) lies not so much in determining how Kawartha Lakes can attract more doctors, but in how to address the underlying shortage of family doctors in the country.

Grading the health of our waterways with local experts

Coboconk Advocate fan

I faithfully pick up your magazine from the Coboconk Foodland, and from the very first time I flipped through one, I was hooked!

Unions needed more than ever

Great article Mr. Benns. For decades the corporate world has effectively been permeating propaganda that unions were once needed but not any longer.

Labour unions expanded the middle class

Excellent piece. I find it completely baffling that Kawartha Lakes would ever vote Conservative given the demographics of this city