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Podcast Teaser: Balancing act is vital in journalism

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Podcast Teaser: Balancing act is vital

More than 30 years ago, when I was a young and green and still-a-very-much-learning-my-craft journalist in Ottawa, I was given some words of wisdom that, ever since, I’ve always strived to adhere to.

“As a reporter, you can never be unbiased,” my good friend and a veteran of both print and broadcast media had warned me. His point was that we’re all human beings, not robots, and therefore have opinions – and that journalists have plenty of them. “But,” he stressed, “as a reporter you can, and must, always be fair.”

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National census reflects who we are and how we are changing

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Tynisha Forde. enumerator in Fenelon Falls. Photo: Geoff Coleman.

There are many things we can learn from other countries, but one lesson involving nearby New York state is particularly timely.

Canada’s national Census Day is May 11, and by now you probably have received your package in the mail, or from a wave of enumerators bringing them door to door.

The United States held theirs last year, and since census data showed they did not have the population to maintain the same representation, the Empire State lost one seat in Congress. The mind-blowing part is that they were only 89 people shy of the threshold required. There’s a pretty good chance that in a state with more than 20 million people, at least 89 people did not return their completed census questionnaire.

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Letham likely to return to private sector after 2022 election

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Mayor Andy Letham has about a year and a half left in the mayor's chair. Photo: Erin Smith.

One of the most difficult decisions for most politicians to make is to know when it is time to walk away and do something else.

In a telephone interview with the Advocate, Mayor Andy Letham shared his reasons for announcing he will not seek a third term in 2022, where he thinks council is headed, the pros and cons of a smaller council and what the future holds for him post-politics.

The decision

“I decided a while ago not to run (for a third term),” Letham said, “and if other people are thinking about it they can now put their minds to it. I don’t want to be seen as pretending (I am interested in a third term). I can now be as frank as I want to be. Council knew a month ago when I told them in closed session. Two terms was my goal. I like what we have done and where we are going.”

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RMH nurses urge compassion and say ‘stay strong’ in pandemic’s expected final phase

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L to R: Lisa Falls, Katie Oliver, and Sandy Macey, registered nurses in the OR.

Lisa Falls always dreamed of becoming a nurse from the earliest age. An RN for 22 years at Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay, she says she has many great memories in her long career.

“Recently, we did surgery on one of my children’s old teachers, and I was lucky enough to be with her during her surgery. She made a blog post which mentioned how I was just like an angel when she was there in the operating room, and when she was about to go to sleep, she was so scared and I held her hand…It was just really nice. I was in tears,” reading that, says Falls.

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Local man says Kawartha Lakes should allow tiny houses

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Local man says Kawartha Lakes should allow tiny houses

With local real estate prices spiralling into the stratosphere, Peter Wallace wants Kawartha Lakes to allow the construction and full-time occupancy of tiny homes.

Wallace argues it should be both tiny homes on foundations or on wheels as a partial solution to the lack of affordable housing in the area. He would also like to see tiny homes permitted as both secondary dwellings on properties with existing residential homes and as primary dwellings on vacant land.

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More off-road vehicle road access criticized in pitches to council

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Public shares differing views on off-road vehicle bylaw changes

Six local citizens took on the challenge of sharing with council — in just five minutes or less over Zoom — their views on ORV access to municipal roads in the south of the city. Five of them spoke out strongly against allowing more ORV access on city roads.

Their efforts earned the praise of deputy-mayor Patrick O’Reilly who said, “the deputations were well thought out and worthy of consideration.”

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Council approves ATV access in principle, details to come

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Kawartha Lakes council got one step further to allowing ATVs access to a number of designated rural roads in the south of the city, and  routes through Lindsay and Bobcaygeon — creating a united trail system for recreational vehicles running from the Ganaraska Forest all the way to Haliburton.

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Wanted: Farmers with innovative ideas – who need to money to make them happen

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When Jack Roks sees the large towers where Mariposa Dairy puts its milk, he’s reminded of how a small, innovative idea can become a thriving international business.

“Mariposa (Dairy) started out in someone’s kitchen and now produces goat cheese for Canada (and the U.S.),” says Roks, president of the Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes.

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Popular local business owner’s death prompts outpouring of grief, good will

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Dan Burns was a well-known local business leader.
By William McGinn and Roderick Benns

Local businessman and owner of Burns Bulk Foods, Dan Burns, died May 2 after a year-long battle with lung cancer at 48, prompting an outpouring of emotion.

The father of two started working at Burns Bulk Food in 1985 when his parents purchased the business.

“The emptiness in our hearts from the loss of our Dan is being filled with pride,” Megan Burns, his late wife, told the Advocate.

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