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Academy Theatre struggles with direction, leadership

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Academy Theatre struggles with direction, leadership
The Academy has been a cultural fixture in our area since 1893. Photo: Sienna Frost.

Ray Marshall served as general manager of Lindsay’s storied Academy Theatre from 1985 to 2006 — 21 consecutive years of service. After Marshall moved on, there have been at least nine general managers, and currently there is no general manager at all.

This revolving door — and the erosion of good will associated with it — is not only threatening the theatre’s reputation but its continued operation.

The Academy, said to be the most technically perfect theatre in Canada, is the crown cultural jewel of Lindsay. It was once led and nurtured by Dennis Sweeting, the founder of Kawartha Summer Theatre (KST), who was also the first president of the Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA). His wife, Maggie Sweeting, was the administrator.

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Fenelon Falls PROBUS Club enjoys huge first year growth

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Fenelon Falls PROBUS Club Enjoys Huge First Year Growth
Fenelon Falls PROBUS Club President Steve Strangway. Photo: Geoff Coleman

The overwhelming response to PROBUS in Fenelon Falls began with Kathy Stackhouse’s simple question posed to her sister and friend: “Do you think we could start a PROBUS club in Fenelon Falls?” They were members of the Lindsay club, and kept busy going to meeting and events.

The idea worked its way to Fenelon Falls resident and highly involved community member, Bob Pennock, who approached the Lindsay Men’s PROBUS Club (they have two, split along gender lines) to sponsor and guide the formation of a Fenelon Falls chapter.

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New community foundation launches in Kawartha Lakes to address local needs

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Photo: Jean Walsh.

Residents of Kawartha Lakes and local communities and organizations received a new tool Monday night to help build our “community of communities.” More than 60 people were on hand Monday evening in the Kent Place Mall atrium to attend and celebrate the launch of the Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes.

Enjoying local food and beverages, live music, and a slide show video presentation, guests from across Kawartha Lakes including representatives of several local charities were on hand to welcome the new community foundation.

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Our heritage of trees: Look up, way up, at these gentle giants

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American sycamores, Victoria Avenue north of Peel Street. Photo: Jamie Morris.

Consider this an introduction to a collection of remarkable local residents. Some were here long before any of us were born and will be here long after we die; some are, comparatively, youngsters; one is dead. All of them — even the one that’s dead — contribute immeasurably to our town and ask little in return.

Your guide is Tom Mikel, coordinator of Fleming’s urban forestry programs. Each year he takes his students on a field walk to check out these residents, our Lindsay trees. Described here are the ones that always impress those students, that impressed me when he took me on a tour, and that might just impress you, too.

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Kawartha Lakes moves forward with initiatives to reduce environmental footprint

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At the November 19 meeting, Council passed a motion to proceed with a voluntary ban on single use plastics throughout the municipality. The report was originally brought forward at the November 5 Committee of the Whole, where staff discussed the possibility of implementing the ban and presented both the environmental and economic impacts surrounding the municipality.

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Proposed changes to Ross worries KLHC; Nelson says Ross is ‘committed to community’

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Veronica Nelson, interim CEO of Ross Memorial Hospital.

Some recent and proposed changes to the governance model of the Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) and the provincial act that legally establishes it, has Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition (KLHC) concerned about the future of the hospital and the direction it’s going with its governance model.

KLHC is a local chapter of the provincial health advocacy group known as the Ontario Health Coalition. In a press release issued earlier in the month, the KLHC outlined several concerns, notably the RMH board’s decision to eliminate community memberships and having the board elect itself. The KLHC is also worried about the language in the proposed special act that is to go before the provincial legislature that seems to some to open the door to a future merger or reduction of services.

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Safeguarding our heritage: It’s time to stop tearing down our history

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Safeguarding our heritage: It’s time to stop tearing down our history
The beautiful St. Joseph’s Convent was built in 1874. In 1977 it was demolished.

Heritage buildings are more than just old bricks and mortar. The Empire State Building, Big Ben, and Casa Loma all bring tourists to their cities, and yet form more than just backdrops on selfies or fill check-boxes on bucket lists. Heritage buildings are community assets. They represent the physical portion of a city’s identity — what would Paris be without the Eiffel Tower? In this rapidly changing world, heritage buildings provide a sense of continuity by serving up memorable experiences for generation after generation.

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Habitat for Humanity: Sorensen family now embarks on new phase of life

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Habitat for Humanity: Sorensen family embarks on new phase of life

Imagine you are Tara or Sean Sorensen and that thanks to Habitat for Humanity — after years in a series of cramped apartments — you and your two children have just moved into a home of your own. How do you celebrate?

Here’s what the Sorensens did: The same week in April they moved in to their new Lindsay home they bought a barbecue on sale; the following week they bought Charlie, a black lab pup. Two gestures that say a lot about the kind of freedom and lifestyle that home ownership affords.

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An annual tradition: The Living Christmas Tree

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It’s the first week of Advent, circa 2001. Throngs of children and teenagers arrayed in burgundy-and-white choir gowns gather in the Sunday School room at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, talking excitedly among themselves.  In due course, they troop upstairs and are marshalled outside of the minister’s vestry.

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Fenelon Falls’ Santa Day, night parade, a hit for 20 straight years

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Fenelon Falls' Santa Day, night parade, a hit for 20 straight years
Fenelon Falls Live's Mike McConnell and Deputy Mayor Doug Elmslie. Photo: Geoff Coleman.

It has become such an institution that a generation of Fenelon Falls and district residents may not believe it, but there was a time when the Fenelon Falls Santa Claus parade was held in the afternoon. It became a night time affair in 1999 and has never looked back, growing into an all-day event. This year, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the evening parade, events are scheduled on the Friday and Sunday bookending Santa Day, always held on the last Saturday of November.

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