Renaissance man Eric Smeaton

As a young teacher nearly 25 years ago, Eric Smeaton had mistakenly worn two different socks to work. He made up a joke about it on the spot. After he greeted his new class, he showed them his fashion choice and said, “Always remember: You want to be really cool?

Open house to be held at community garden, all welcome

The United Way for the City of Kawartha Lakes is excited to welcome community members, stakeholders, and donors to their annual 2021-2022 campaign launch.

This year, the event is an open house at the Edwin Binney’s Community Garden, providing guests with an opportunity to see how much this project has grown.

Police chief shares personal feelings of watching Taliban take over Afghanistan

I spent 10 days in Afghanistan in August of 2010. But I wouldn’t dare afford myself any great insight into the true plight of its residents – before or after those tragic images of desperate Afghans trying, in vain, to escape their home and its not-so-new ruthless rulers.

Plunging into the past

Recreational swimming in Lindsay

Back in the late summer of 2005, when I entered LCVI, I discovered that I had phys ed slotted into first period on my timetable. If the weather cooperated, we Grade 9 boys would often be trooped outside to run circuits on the enormous track immediately east of the Lindsay school.

Wright takes on fundraising role for Community Foundation

Grove Theatre and other organizations helped by foundation's reach

Sitting on the patio at his waterfront home in Fenelon Falls, Glen Wright can look across the lake to the site of the family cottage where he spent his youth. Built in the mid-1950s, his mother sold the cottage when he was 20, and despite leaving the area to pursue what turned out to be a very successful career, Four Mile Lake was never far from his memory, so he returned and built on the west shore.

Provincial grant for BGC Kawarthas goes toward new ‘sensory space’

In late 2020, the Boys and Girls Club Kawarthas (BGC) learned that it was getting almost $65,000 from the Resilient… Continue reading “Provincial grant for BGC Kawarthas goes toward new ‘sensory space’”

The great wall: Council votes to take down ‘unsafe’ wall at Olde Gaol

In a battle of conflicting expert reports, Kawartha Lakes has decided to take the advice of their own staff and voted to approve the demolition of the majority of the walls that currently surround the courtyard of the Olde Gaol Museum at 50 Victoria Avenue North in Lindsay.