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Government sides with immuno-compromised renter

Since the arrival of COVID-19 in North America last month the elderly and immuno-compromised have been identified as the two groups most at risk of serious illness from this virulent strain of respiratory virus.

Governments have wisely counselled these groups to social distance and ride COVID-19 out in the safety and comfort of their own homes or apartments. If you are a home or condominium owner this is relatively easy to do, but as a renter this is much more difficult, especially if your landlord behaves like the one mentioned below.

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COVID-19 and the law – what the police can do to protect residents

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As a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the State of Emergency enacted by the Province of Ontario, local police note we have witnessed an unprecedented number of changes to how we live our day to day lives.

The Kawartha Lakes Police Service would like to share some important information about a few of the measures that are being taken by the federal, provincial and our local municipal government to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Restriction of Gatherings

People are not to gather in groups of more than five people either in a public place, or even in a private location such as a residence:

  • This does not apply to members of a single household made up of more than five people, or for a funeral service that is attended by not more than 10 people

The Quarantine Act

On March 26 the federal government invoked the Quarantine Act. This act is primarily used to enforce emergency orders prohibiting some people from entering Canada. Travellers who are permitted to enter the country are mandated to go directly home and self-quarantine for two weeks.

  • This act does not permit the police to force people who have tested positive for COVID-19 stay in their home and self-isolate. There is currently no emergency legislation which gives police this authority.

Kawartha Lakes Park Closures

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, all municipal park spaces within the City of Kawartha Lakes remain accessible, however, all amenities within parks are temporarily closed until further notice. Closed park amenities include:

  • Playgrounds, sports fields, sport courts, skateboard parks, picnic areas, outdoor exercise equipment and washroom facilities

 Requirement to Identify Yourself

Members of the public are legally required to identify themselves if they are charged with breaching an emergency order.

  • Our officers will not be randomly requesting individuals for identification, the authority to request identification in this context relates specifically to persons who are being charged with an offence under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. This requirement is the same authority contained in other legislation such as the Highway Traffic Act and the Trespass to Property Act. Police officers must be able to identify individuals who are being charged with an offence related to the health crisis facing our communities.

To ensure the safety and security of our community, and to enforce the new measure taking place with the implementation of the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, the Kawartha Lakes Police Service has added extra patrols in the downtown core, local residential and business areas, as well as around parks and outdoor spaces.

Officers will be attempting to educate the public about these new restrictions, but enforcement through charges will take place if necessary. Please help police to protect you, and the community by staying home.

Deep gouging from airlines as companies try to bring facemasks, shields to Canada

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The president of CardioMed Supplies Inc. in Lindsay, Rafael Dubé, is trying to use his supply chains to get much needed face masks and other critical personal protective equipment to front line health care workers across Canada.

The only thing standing in his way are the independent air cargo carriers who, faced with less passengers, are nearly tripling their cargo rates to businesses like Cardio-Med.

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Premier and mayor offer different visions on return of cottagers

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On March 27, Kawartha Lakes residents heard two very different messages regarding seasonal residents heading to their cottages and rural properties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Early on Friday afternoon Premier Doug Ford stated categorically, “that residents in urban areas should avoid heading to their cottages and rural properties across the province during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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Province announces provincial plan for distance learning

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Few were surprised today when Premier Doug Ford announced that public schools in Ontario will be closed until at least May 4, 2020.

At a press conference featuring the premier and Minister of Education, Steven Lecce, parents were provided with information about what distance learning is going to look like.

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Distance learning may be the new reality for Ontario students

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Distance learning may be the new reality for Ontario students

Premier Doug Ford, in a surprisingly frank interview with CFRA Ottawa on March 26, told the host that he expects social distancing and closures to continue well into the early summer.

Ford, following the best scientific modelling available said June or July might be the earliest that Ontario reopens for business. The ramifications of that statement are rolling across Ontario at this moment like a tidal wave as people begin to rethink work, travel and school plans for their children.

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Council update: Teleconferencing on the way

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In a conference call with local reporters today Mayor Andy Letham provided updates on a story covered by the Advocate on March 25.

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Kawartha Lakes has 33 cases of COVID-19 — and 27 are related to Pinecrest Nursing Home

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The Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge District Health Unit is confirming today there have been a total of nine COVID-19-related deaths at the Pinecrest Nursing Home in Bobcaygeon since an outbreak was declared at the facility on March 18.

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Councillor, concerned citizens, set up Bobcaygeon community relief fund

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Kawartha Lakes looking at new alternatives to reduce environmental footprint
Councillor Kathleen Seymour-Fagan and concerned citizens are setting up a relief fund.

City of Kawartha Lakes Councillor Kathleen Seymour-Fagan and some other concerned citizens are setting up a relief fund for the hard-hit community of Bobcaygeon due to COVID-19.

Nine Pinecrest Nursing Home residents had died as of Sunday evening. All are presumed to have died of COVID-19. It’s the worst known outbreak of the virus in Ontario.

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Two local police officers in self-isolation after possible exposure to COVID-19

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Two Kawartha Lakes Police Service constables are currently in self-isolation following an incident that occurred on March 28.

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Downeyville Hall does big time renos with legacy in mind

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Mary Connell (L) and Karen Cook (R) are part of the team responsible for the major renovations to the historic Downeyville Hall.

On paper, it made fiscal sense to tear down the historic Downeyville Hall and start anew from the ground up.

Indeed, even a cursory budget would have shown it was the wiser option, compared to undertaking a monumental, and more costly, renovation.

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