Letters to the Editor

Beautiful place, but pretty expensive

We moved here recently from the GTA to be closer to our family. I was advised that I might be surprised by high water costs.

Student says counter protest against so-called freedom fighters to happen again Saturday

Four weeks ago I witnessed my first real protest. A bunch of people in one place, all unified under one goal.

Is Ford a Progressive Conservative?

First, I second Judi Forbes’ comment in her December letter in the Advocate when she writes, “Bravo to Barbara Doyle for standing as the NDP candidate for HKLB in the upcoming election.”

Sidewalks matter

I would like to know why a sidewalk has not been slated for the north side of Colborne Street West between Angeline Street and Charles Street in Lindsay, opposite Heritage Christian School.

Without physical currency, how can we help everyone?

We are witness to a deplorable worldwide condition that is not lessening.

Letter carrier asks where sidewalk plows are

The sidewalk plows that ordinarily clear snow seemed to be mostly zooming around the roads, driving past uncleared sidewalks.

Companies needed here that can scale jobs, particularly in digital sphere

It used to be that municipal managers who are responsible for local economic growth focused on attracting businesses such as outsourced call centres, back when the number of jobs created was what managers were judged on, instead of the quality of jobs.