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Essential workers: Sorry, but memes are not enough

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As Ontario enters its second month of COVID-19 protocols, you don’t have to look too far on social media to find the lionization of many of the essential workers who are on the frontline of combating this deadly respiratory virus.

While doctors, nurses and paramedics have earned well-deserved kudos, it has been especially satisfying to many to see people publicly posting about the very important roles being played by cashiers, personal support workers and truck drivers whose services to society before this pandemic were often marginalized and ridiculed. For the first time in a very long time we are taking a hard look at these kinds of jobs and who works them, and some are developing a whole new appreciation for the risks these individuals are currently taking for little remuneration in return.

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Government sides with immuno-compromised renter

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Since the arrival of COVID-19 in North America last month the elderly and immuno-compromised have been identified as the two groups most at risk of serious illness from this virulent strain of respiratory virus.

Governments have wisely counselled these groups to social distance and ride COVID-19 out in the safety and comfort of their own homes or apartments. If you are a home or condominium owner this is relatively easy to do, but as a renter this is much more difficult, especially if your landlord behaves like the one mentioned below.

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Distance learning may be the new reality for Ontario students

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Distance learning may be the new reality for Ontario students

Premier Doug Ford, in a surprisingly frank interview with CFRA Ottawa on March 26, told the host that he expects social distancing and closures to continue well into the early summer.

Ford, following the best scientific modelling available said June or July might be the earliest that Ontario reopens for business. The ramifications of that statement are rolling across Ontario at this moment like a tidal wave as people begin to rethink work, travel and school plans for their children.

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Garden of renewal is here, even as we cope with social distancing

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It would be easy to imagine that everything is the same as I head outside to do the morning chores. The ducks aren’t really concerned about staying clean and washing their hands. The cats do some washing, but they keep licking their paws first, so I’m not sure that counts.

The chickens are blissfully unaware of pandemics and the need for physical distancing, although a couple of them keep running away from the rooster.

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The silence is deafening

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For years, these poles carried telegraph wires, which hummed with activity day and night.

I went for a long walk last Saturday to get away for a few hours from the stress of continuous COVID-19 coverage. My route took me south, along the rail trail linking Lindsay with Bethany – a journey through serene woodland and wetland waking from its winter slumber.

As I briskly walked along the muddy path, the sun piercing through the trees lining either side of the trail, I studied my surroundings and thought about two things in light of the current crisis.

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Men can learn by listening

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I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by strong women, many of whom — for the time — had non-traditional roles. I remember it being a point of pride that my mother was the first woman hired to perform what was then defined as a “man’s job” (pot-washer) at our local hospital back in the late 1970s.

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Trudeau just green lit a ‘basic income’ for Canadians

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Trudeau just green lit a ‘basic income’ for Canadians this week

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just announced a basic income for Canadians this past week. Well, he didn’t call it that, and yet that’s exactly what happened – at least temporarily.

A basic income ensures everyone an income sufficient to meet basic needs and live with dignity, regardless of one’s work status.

Basic income, in Canada, would look similar to the Canada Child Benefit. That is, as wages increase the benefit declines, but it declines progressively – not dollar for dollar.

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City’s announcement on bill paying was ‘clear and cold’

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Feed Ontario, Food Source, say loss of research about basic income is costly
Tax payments and utilities payments “must be received in our office on or before the due date.

On a day like yesterday (Thursday, March 19), when so many Kawartha Lakes residents were dealing with being laid off or having reduced work hours; when business owners were frantically trying to figure out next steps as many of them were closing; when families were huddled together just trying to deal with the new emotional and financial reality of social distancing and all the worries that come with it, the City of Kawartha Lakes took time to make an important announcement about COVID-19.

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Strange times: Feeling alone in self-isolation

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How long can the Virus COVID-19 stay active on a surface like metal or wood? How long can a smile last from a passerby on a downtown street in someone’s heart? How many times can I rearrange my sock drawer now that I seem to be quarantined? These are tough questions.

I now find myself with an inordinate amount of time and therefore, a wild and absurd amount of isolation has now become my friend. Everything seems to have ground to a halt.

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Women, we need you to run — and get elected

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Women and men think differently. Science has proven this; it is beyond the realm of opinion.

Because women think differently we have a glorious opportunity as a society — we can send more women to parliament, to our legislatures, and to our council chambers. But why not just send “the best” person, you may ask?

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