Fenelon Falls Sign with locks in the background

We don’t want Fenelon Falls to be a ‘dying town’


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Agree to Disagree

New houses avoid old problems I don’t watch too many horror films but I have never seen blood dripping down… Continue reading “Agree to Disagree”

Rabgey family appreciates Advocate support


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Flato investments have helped community


Tall Poppy Syndrome. That’s what Australians and New Zealanders call the cultural phenomenon that occurs when people who attain prominence… Continue reading “Flato investments have helped community”

Academy Theatre struggles with direction, leadership

The Academy Theatre needs ongoing city support

Benns' Belief

The arts are fundamental to our lives. They enrich us, reflect our society, and even urge us to be better… Continue reading “The Academy Theatre needs ongoing city support”

Slow rider

Trevor's Take

I have never been good at slowing down or taking a break for that matter. Growing up I got constant… Continue reading “Slow rider”

Heat pump better than Enbridge option, says reader


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