Time to walk and roll

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

During the pandemic a neighbour who found himself working from home walked off 80 pounds. We’d see him lapping the block multiple times a day. He’s still walking, sometimes with his son.

So many left behind — now we reap what we have sown

Despite all the discussion about how divided we are as a nation now, there has always been one key reason for that division — and we have yet to meaningfully address it.

Sex trafficking often looks like romantic relationships gone wrong

It happens here, too

“Maybe I wasn’t good enough to be loved. He told me if I did it once, I would never have to do it again,” says a woman who survived being trafficked for sex here in Kawartha Lakes.

The Liberal-NDP agreement: What’s all the fuss?

Less than five months ago, Canada’s governing Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party announced an agreement for the remainder of the 44th Parliament.

Many incumbents remain on the sidelines in municipal race

When one scans the list of declared municipal and school board candidates planning to run in the October 2022 elections, it becomes obvious that some incumbents who were expected to announce early in the process are taking their time before entering the public fray for another round.

Municipal government matters

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Municipal government matters. A lot.

It’s a plastic world

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

Cleaning out my parents’ house a couple of years ago, I found my child-sized wooden kitchen cupboard.