Beautiful place, but pretty expensive

We moved here recently from the GTA to be closer to our family. I was advised that I might be surprised by high water costs.

The other election

Most of us are rightly focused on the June provincial election.

Freedom: Not an idiot in a hot tub

Remember back last fall when some of us were getting hopeful for 2022, after a very difficult year and a half?

Charest could oversee a strong Tory reboot

Even before Jean Charest had made it official that he was entering the Conservative leadership race, Pierre Poilievre, the party’s most adroit malcontent, had already become unglued at the prospect of the former Progressive Conservative Party leader running to regain his old job.

Is it really cheaper to replace it?

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

Say you have a budget for the year and spend everything you have in seven months. Then, to get by, you rack up credit card debt.

National childcare plan great for women, society

My grandfather, may he rest in peace, was a bit of a practical joker and also a lifelong true blue Progressive Conservative.

Benns’ Belief: Avis Glaze helped break down barriers

The theme for International Women’s Day this year was Break The Bias. 

What a great opportunity, then, to highlight my mentor and friend, Dr. Avis Glaze.