Rabgey family inspires readers


By Lindsay Advocate

Advocate readers were very much inspired by the example set by the Rabgey family, shown here on Dec. 7, 2023, after being awarded the Meritorious Service Cross by the Governor General of Canada. Photo: MCpl Matthieu Racette, Rideau Hall © BSGG, 2023.

Rabgey family has had positive impact on community

How wonderful to see the Rabgey family honoured for their consistent hard work supporting quality education and understanding of the Tibetan culture globally. (Lindsay residents honoured by Governor General, January Advocate.)

They have impacted so many lives with their kindness and dedication to a cause close to their own hearts, instilling enthusiasm in others to follow a path of global justice for marginal groups who need a larger collective voice to support their causes. We would be living in a better world today if their ideology was followed by others giving every human being the respect deserved to live on this planet in peace.

Heather Horn, Bolsover

Rabgey family is a powerful example of caring

Isn’t it remarkable that the children of two refugees not only both obtained doctorates, but went on to devote their lives to the service of the people living today in modern Tibet, and as a result have affected countless lives in a part of the world that seems so remote and far away to most of us, and all too easily forgotten? The Rabgey family gives us a powerful example of how to care beyond the walls of your home, and to transcend the artificial boundaries of nations.

– Timothy Ward, Paris, France


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