Downeyville’s pride and spirit shines through


By Lindsay Advocate

The Advocate's feature about Downeyville elicited many warm responses from readers. Photo: Geoff Coleman.

Geoff Coleman’s article (There’s something about Downeyville, Feb. Advocate) and accompanying photographs brought much bright and warm sunshine into my life, on the overcast and cold day of the arrival of the Advocate.

The writing concerning community values, and culture is welcomed news, and is no doubt enviable in the eyes of other small communities facing difficulties. For instance population loss, closing of places of worship, community halls and in some cases necessitating demolishing, or repurposing these attractive architecture monuments.

It’s refreshing to note the pride and strong spirit of today’s population here is alive, healthy and mirrors the behaviour of the early settlers who also managed to overcome difficulties, and help each other.

Downeyville residents have invested wisely by contributing their time, talents, and resources to preserving their rich culture, deep history and are to be commended.

Bruce Stonehouse, Lindsay

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