Letters to the Editor

Council staff don’t have answers because they’re the problem: Reader

Your report on the budget deliberations of the council was very informative. (Cover story, November Advocate.) It should be read by all taxpayers before the next election.

Farm country, Canadian Shield…anything but “cottage country”

Mayoral candidates should get copy of financial plan

In reading your article on the financial difficulties that the city has, and Mayor Andy Letham’s take on the solution, I would like to hear the opinion of the mayoral candidates for the next municipal elections.

Why is the Bobcaygeon Library moving?

Once again here is someone absolutely dumbfounded that plans are still in place to move our wonderful old library to… Continue reading “Why is the Bobcaygeon Library moving?”

FLATO’s request for MZO in Lindsay is a groundless decision by council

October 19 was a momentous day at city hall. The minutes will record a motion and a recorded vote. But there will be no grounds for the motion, no reasons given as to why it should have passed.

Motorcycles more unsafe on roads than ATVs, says reader

In response to the grassroots group that says the fight is ”not over,” with regard to ATVs on Lindsay’s streets,… Continue reading “Motorcycles more unsafe on roads than ATVs, says reader”

Lindsay resident angry with ATV decision

I’m at a loss to understand how and why council voted last week to approve the route through Lindsay.

Sorry, not sorry

Your unsigned editorial in the September issue of the The Lindsay Advocate, entitled “We Need Mandatory Vaccinations for Youth in School” was an outrageous promotion of a practice that is, in fact, illegal in Canada.