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Five reasons to support Tibetan dinner at the Armoury in Lindsay

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All is set for Lindsay’s 15th annual Machik Dinner, an event that has introduced many to Tibetan food and culture and over the years raised $300,000 to support the educational work of an organization founded and led by a remarkable local family, the Rabgeys.

The dinner will be held at the Victoria Park Armoury on Saturday, October 13, with a bazaar and silent auction starting at 5 pm and the dinner itself at 6 pm.

In recent years roughly 200 have purchased the tickets. If you haven’t been among them, here are five reasons you might want to join in this year:

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Basic Income: A lost opportunity for Lindsay business owners

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Basic Income: A lost opportunity for Lindsay business owners

“Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy, forbearance, benevolence, were all my business.”

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

When she got her BA in psychology and English, Suzanne McCarthy figured a decent education would open the right doors so that she would be set in life. Not in the kind of way where great riches are expected, but because of the simple notion that higher education has always promised a solid life, with economic stability.

In a modern, capitalist society like Canada’s, education is meant to be the great equalizer, no matter one’s socio-economic place.

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A critical look at the safety of online voting

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A critical look at the safety of online voting

Like over 190 other municipalities in the province, the City of Kawartha Lakes has moved to an internet/telephone telephone voting system and done away with the traditional paper ballot system, after a decision of council in 2017.

The rationale for the move, explained on the City’s website, seems laudable: a convenient system that offers automatic tabulation that increases accessibility, accuracy and efficiency. A willingness to try new systems and processes should be commended. But we can’t — as engaged citizens — just trust that a new system is good because it’s new, even if all the other municipalities are doing it.

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Kawartha Farmfest coming up

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Local residents and visitors will have an opportunity to experience farm life and celebrate the harvest first-hand during the 16th Annual Kawartha Farmfest on Saturday, Sept. 29.

Farmfest is a self-guided driving tour of local farms, agricultural attractions and provides an opportunity to learn about agriculture, try local food and participate in hands-on activities. Visitors can learn more about each site on the tour by visiting the event’s website.

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City receives 2018 Homelessness Registry Final Report

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The results of this year’s Homelessness Enumeration Report for the City of Kawartha Lakes and County of Haliburton were presented to City Council recently.

The goal of Registry Week was to identify people experienciang homelessness in our communities and gather information on their health and social needs. More than 40 volunteers and professional staff surveyed people without permanent homes between May 28 to June 1 at agencies, food banks, libraries, and parks across the City of Kawartha Lakes and County of Haliburton. The data collected will allow the City and County to prioritize housing the most vulnerable individuals and families in the community.

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How to eat local all winter long

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It was a hot evening when we visited with José after his shift in the papaya factory in Belize. We were there to hear his story: how he had grown up in a small village close by, how he had cultivated corn for tortillas on communal village land, and beans, squash, peppers and greens in a garden behind his thatched hut.

Then the papaya company moved in and the government forced him and the other villagers off their land so that papaya could be grown instead. José now works at the papaya factory for very low wages. Not only does he have to buy his food in the town, he now also has to pay rent.

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EQAO results show local students struggling, especially Grade 3

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EQAO results show students struggling, especially Grade 3

Local Grade 3 EQAO results from the Education Quality and Assessment Office (EQAO) show a drop in all three assessment areas — reading, writing, and math. Reading and writing results in Grade 6 are holding steady, indicating a slight decline of one per cent in math, just as the provincial results also dropped by one per cent in Grade 6 math.

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New doctor in Kawartha Lakes starting Oct. 1

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Dr. Mike Gogan.

Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative (KLHCI) is announcing there is a new doctor in town. Dr. Mike Gogan will begin practice in Lindsay with Doctors Anderson, Hainer, Wilson and Ready, as of Oct. 1.

Dr. Gogan received his medical degree from Dalhousie University in 2014 and completed his Family Medicine Residency, also at Dalhousie University, in 2016. Dr. Gogan will be accepting new patients through Health Care Connect. If you are not currently registered with Health Care Connect contact them directly at 1-800-445-1822.

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Man versus Squirrel: The epic battles

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A squirrel on a large bin of "squirrel-proof" bird feeder parts. Photo: Jamie Morris.

Any gardener or homeowner with an attic or an interest in feeding birds will tell you it’s a daunting instance of Man vs. Nature.

An unequal contest, really. On one side, you have a creature capable of scrambling both up and down vertical surfaces (its back feet can rotate 180 degrees), tight-roping across clotheslines or fences and sliding headfirst down wires, a creature that can launch into the air, cling tenaciously, and use its dexterous claws and sharp teeth to have its way.

Above all, you have a highly-motivated creature with a single-minded determination to sniff out, seize and literally squirrel away food, and a will to squeeze its way into cozy nesting spots.

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Resistance is not futile: Fight for Ross Memorial because threat to services is real, says OHC

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Natalie Mehra, of the OHC, says speak up to save Ross Memorial's services.

In a scathing indictment of hospital mergers that have occurred with shocking regularity across Ontario the past few decades, the Ontario Health Coalition was in Lindsay last night to say “put up a fight” — because the threat to Ross Memorial is real.

Natalie Mehra, executive director of the OHC  — who was interviewed by the Lindsay Advocate  in our initial investigation into the proposed merger — cautioned the crowd about the potential effects to local services if the merger goes ahead unchecked by local residents.

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