More transportation options available in the 50s than now


By Lindsay Advocate

Passenger rail service was once ubiquitous in small communities. Today, Lindsay residents have to go elsewhere simply to catch a bus or a train. One Advocate reader wonders why this must be so.

(Re: Social services plan laid out to support those in need over the next four years, online Advocate.)

If reliable transportation is a problem, why is not something being done about it? There was more transportation in Lindsay in the 1950s than now. There are no buses or transit to Toronto, Oshawa GO, or Peterborough. Why is this issue not being addressed by our council? More homes are being built and development continues with less and less services being addressed. Social services are fine, but we need services not just for these residents but our own senior citizens who are paying increased taxes and getting little value back.

Dale Gillespie, Kawartha Lakes


  1. Adam says:

    Social services are not fine by any means, the city IGNORES this and other vital issues with citizens, such as housing, treatment for substance abuse, mental health support, instead of jail, transportation and so on.
    In fact, they deny receiving complaints and pitches for things like a tiny home settlement, safety at emergency shelters and housing. The priorities are discombobulated to the point you can’t even make sense of it. Pass that buck.

    The fact is if you actually watch a council meeting, they’re too busy texting to outside parties from the table,which I believe is illegal while in session and more concerned about liability of off road vehicles they themselves allowed.

    Locals will tell you directly, there are TWO ways out of Lindsay
    1 – jail
    2 – coroner

    That’s what they want during an economic, housing, inflation, transportation and substance crisis.
    Why?! Those are all that make money when the economy crashes, those and war.

    The past has shown us these proven facts over and over.

    If you want something done in Kawartha Lakes – join your local Masonic Lodge, that’s the only way it’ll be valid unless you’re related to them.

    They simply DON’T CARE, then label you with a negative stigma when you force it.

    Good luck with that.

  2. C. Wilson says:

    Transportation in Lindsay is abysmal. Council has given the green light to so many new housing developments but done nothing about schools or medical and bus services. We desperately need more busing – and overnight bus services – for the service workers that have to walk to their jobs in all weathers, including snowstorms at 11 pm when the service has stopped overnight. Some have to walk forty minutes to get to work. Council is completely uninterested in helping the average citizens in town.

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