Making ‘career resolutions’ is great to consider

By Carol Timlin

As we begin 2019 it’s common to hear talk of New Year’s resolutions. But do you make resolutions about your career each year? Maybe this is something you should consider.

Updating your career goal isn’t something only the unemployed should consider. It could involve looking for new work, but it can just as easily mean looking at a promotion or a new opportunity within the same company. If you take part in an annual performance appraisal you may be asked about your future career aspirations.

Columnist Carol Timlin of VCCS.

Can you answer this question in a meaningful way? If you are prepared this is a good time to make it known that you have set goals for your future that ideally align with your company’s plans.

George spent 20 years in manufacturing overseeing a team of tradespeople. While he was happy working for the company, he was tired of working shift work and the call-ins during emergencies. He also felt he needed a less stressful job for the last 15 years of his career. George heard that the purchasing manager was getting ready to retire in a year and took advantage of that opportunity to let the general manager know that he was interested in moving into this position. This surprised the general manager because the new position was paid at a lesser rate. George indicated why he felt it was the right move for him and how it would benefit the company. He offered to take purchasing courses on his own time to prepare for the role and when the job got posted he was the successful candidate.

Knowing your career aspirations, no matter where you are in your career path is always a good idea.  Spend time thinking about this each year and you will be prepared for whatever comes your way.

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