Could this be your place?

By Lindsay Advocate

No wonder so many people are finding us and deciding to settle here. Perhaps you’ll be one of them?

This issue of the Advocate is chockfull of tourism-related stories – and for good reason. It’s a great way to tell the many visitors we have this month about the great things going on in our city. It’s also a fantastic way to remind local folks just how lucky we are to live in an environment like Kawartha Lakes.

But if you are thinking about moving here, there are many reasons to take that leap. When you live in a community here, such as Lindsay, Coboconk, or Bobcaygeon to name but three, you can be anywhere you need to be within 10 minutes. No more scrambling to leave enough time for travel.

Independent, high-quality retailers offer fabulous shopping. It’s a place where you’ll get to know your barista or your favourite store owner on a first-name basis.

Excellent elementary and high schools are here, including a high school with the International Baccalaureate program. A top-notch community college is in Lindsay and you’re near Ontario’s best university (Trent.)

Ross Memorial Hospital is a full-service hospital with the latest in technology, amazing doctors and many great nurse practitioners.

There are houses and residences for any need, from detached homes to immaculate condominiums. (But, like any place in the province right now, we certainly need more.)

One of the key reasons many settle here is the natural environment, of course, where there are lush green forests, 250 lakes, trails, and conservation areas that will encourage you to walk more, feel better, and live life more fully.

Our vast rural city is also home to numerous art galleries and theatres that showcase local talent and creativity. Whether you’re a patron of the arts or an aspiring artist, you’ll find inspiration and opportunities.

Since it’s still a short drive to Toronto from here, Kawartha Lakes offers the best of both worlds. No wonder so many people are finding us and deciding to settle here. Perhaps you’ll be one of them?


  1. Wallace says:

    I moved to Lindsay 3 yrs ago from Etobicoke—-The Ross Memorial Hospital is horrible— wait times are 8hrs in emerg because there aren’t enough Drs ,and staff is rude beyond belief, and forget about getting a family Dr. There are none that accept patients. Dentists will give you an appointment, 8months in advance. Shopping is pathetic. Use Amazon or go to the GTA. Grocery stores are packed and you have to get there early before products run out. Lindsay is looking more and more like American cities run by democrats.. methheads/homelesss everywhere. You can’t go into/out of a bank without having 2 or 3 of them asking for money. Restaurants are sub-par to say the least. Dog owners here are the worst. Just go for a walk on any trail and you’ll know what I mean. The only thing I like about the area is that there’s no traffic. The only people that love Lindsay are the ones that have lived no where else.


      • Wallace says:

        NICE TO HEAR FROM A LIFELONG LINDSAY RESIDENT ! ( I sold my house for 1.3 mil and moved away from the traffic. Wish I had stayed there)

      • Edward says:

        Wallace: well you certainly generalize ALL the people that enjoy the quieter life in Lindsay by saying the only ones that like Lindsay are the ones that have lived nowhere else. What an extremely narrow minded comment generalizing all those that like Lindsay. My wife and I are like many in Lindsay that have lived in other cities and have travelled extensively around the world. Yes shopping is limited, the hospital is busy , there is a shortage of doctors and as everywhere else drugs are a problem. Did you not investigate this area, visit several times, talk to people or did you blindly pack up and move? Wallace we all have ‘CHOICES’ . You made a choice to move here and the door is open to move back to Etobicoke.

  2. Avatar photo Roderick Benns says:

    Wallace, I am not a lifelong Lindsay resident. I was away for 20+ years and lived in many places. I came back 5 years ago because I wanted to do so — not because I hadn’t experienced other places and other ways of life. I also wanted to contribute to my community and found I could best do that by starting the Advocate, since media was my background. There are many people, just like me, who have re-found Kawartha Lakes or who have found it for the first time and are excited to be here. Perhaps you would enjoy life more here if you got involved in the community in some way. When we become involved we are less inclined to complain and more inclined to figure out how to solve the challenges that, inevitably, all communities have.

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