Student says counter protest against so-called freedom fighters to happen again Saturday

Four weeks ago I witnessed my first real protest. A bunch of people in one place, all unified under one goal.

Health care needs new ideas, not private money

The pandemic has once again spotlighted the deep inadequacy of our health care system.

Bye bye chocolate?

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

No more heart-shaped boxes of chocolates?  No more heartwarming hot cocoa?

Wealthy and powerful interests benefit from low unionization rates

My entire working life has been in unionized environments. As a result, I have a healthy pension plan, just about all my teeth, affordable hearing aids and free prescriptions. 

Benns’ Belief: Value of unions should be taught by schools, media

When I open my Globe and Mail newspaper, I can easily find the business section. I can learn about the latest corporate acquisitions. I might find an analysis of how the economy is faring.

Is Ford a Progressive Conservative?

First, I second Judi Forbes’ comment in her December letter in the Advocate when she writes, “Bravo to Barbara Doyle for standing as the NDP candidate for HKLB in the upcoming election.”

Trevor’s Take: February is the worst month

Oh my God. The last, and by last I mean the very very last thing I need in the entire freaking universe right now is another February.