Lindsay resident angry with ATV decision

I’m at a loss to understand how and why council voted last week to approve the route through Lindsay.

Omitting emitting is good for what ails us

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet

Imagine you’re in a game show, facing two doors.  Behind door No. 1 is a gas-powered car, engine running. Behind door No. 2 is an identical electric car, also running. To win your choice of car you must spend two hours inside the hermetically-sealed room with that running vehicle. Now the choice becomes life or death.

Sorry, not sorry

Your unsigned editorial in the September issue of the The Lindsay Advocate, entitled “We Need Mandatory Vaccinations for Youth in School” was an outrageous promotion of a practice that is, in fact, illegal in Canada.

Benns’ Belief: Past and future city

This is a story about the past, circa 1970-80. It’s about a little town with a river running through it (and a sprawling rural county) that seemed far away from the vast smudge of lights of Toronto.

Council gets it right on ATV issue

Barring an outstanding procedural issue that came before council at their Sept. 21 meeting, Kawartha Lakes City Council has decided… Continue reading “Council gets it right on ATV issue”

Fair will be run safely, says GM, with full approval of public health

I would like to take this opportunity to address misinformation and rumours that are circulating in our community. The board of the Lindsay Agricultural Society carefully considered whether it was prudent to proceed with the 2021 Lindsay Exhibition.

Reader asks if having a fair is fair to public health?

With Ontario being very much still in a pandemic and a fourth wave being a threat to us why are we proceeding with a fair in Lindsay this year? There were several car shows, public events, and even the plowing match was canceled this year due to the pandemic so who made the reckless decision to proceed with the fair?