Canadian health system may have its flaws, but its structure is sound

After years of practicing medicine in Canada and the United States I left for China to work for 10 years there, and then another seven years in Thailand and Cambodia.

Sidewalks matter

I would like to know why a sidewalk has not been slated for the north side of Colborne Street West between Angeline Street and Charles Street in Lindsay, opposite Heritage Christian School.

Without physical currency, how can we help everyone?

We are witness to a deplorable worldwide condition that is not lessening.

Dr. Bocking, Medical Officer of Health at HKPRDHU

Seniors especially need a boost, says medical officer of health

“Give me a boost!”

As a young child, you may have made this request to an older sibling or parent at some point – maybe for help to reach something or gain a better view.

Letter carrier asks where sidewalk plows are

The sidewalk plows that ordinarily clear snow seemed to be mostly zooming around the roads, driving past uncleared sidewalks.

Pair up in threes for the environment

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

It was déjà vu all over again, to quote famous New York Yankee Yogi Berra.

The obvious risk of other progressives throwing in their hats would be to split the vote, allowing a more conservative fiscal hawk to come up the middle and win.

Don’t split the progressive vote come October

We are less than a year away from choosing a new mayor of Kawartha Lakes. Only one serious contender has clearly declared his candidacy as of press time —  lawyer Jason Ward.