Why isn’t Scott facing questions, reader asks

By Lindsay Advocate

PC candidate Laurie Scott sure must love the perks and adventures of life at Queen’s Park. Even after being bounced out of a Cabinet portfolio in record time, here she is again asking for our votes.

Being a so-called ‘safe’ Tory riding that invariably sends PC candidates to the Ontario Legislature has its pros and cons. Many terms back, we had a top-notch MPP in Chris Hodgson. Influential and a local legend, he was one of the few bright spots in the god awful Mike Harris regime. In Scott, on the other hand, we have a lame duck candidate who doesn’t know when it’s time to move on.

The ridings that get the most attention from governments are those where election results are close and MPPS have to perform well or else meet their doom. As long as we keep flocking to the Tory camp, our region will be neglected and taken for granted.

I note in closing that Scott couldn’t bring herself to face questioning at the recent debate organized by the Advocate. She must have been out canvassing in culverts and open fields, where election signs so far show her to be a runaway favourite!

–K. Makin, Haliburton


  1. Ron Sutch says:

    Well stated! She has been a photo-op MPP only! Shame on her for not participating in debates!

  2. Robert George says:

    Laurie has brought a wealth of grants and funding to this riding and continues to do so!! Missing one candidate meeting is not the end of the world!! There are lots of photos of Laurie because she gets things done.

    • William says:

      She didn’t miss a “candidate meeting”. She missed a debate meant to inform voters. Like most of her PC colleagues, she didn’t care and didn’t show up. That you are Okay with that tells us a lot about you and the rest of her voters who are willing to turn a blind eye.

      Scott is a rubber stamp for the PC government. A trained seal. A puppet. She is there to collect a salary and pension. As someone who has tried to contact her numerous times, she doesn’t care about constituents or their concerns. She would rather tell me, a disabled person on ODSP, to get a job and be happy that the PCs are trying to lower gas prices. I should be happy that they cut car sticker fees. Well, I don’t drive or own a car, why on Earth would I care about the price of gas? I don’t have that privilege. That people are only now worried about the cost of living tells me they don’t care about anything that doesn’t affect them directly.

      Laurie Scott doesn’t care about anyone but herself.

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