Weldon IB student creates ‘Crazy Creative’ for art gallery

By Lindsay Advocate

Annie Cheng, an International Baccalaureate (IB) student at I.E. Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay has created a “Crazy Creative Program.”

Part of Cheng’s diploma requirements included CAS (creativity, activity, service) where you must meet at least 50 hours of each category. On top of this, CAS also has a “big project,” where you must create and lead a project you designed on your own, with three people helping you and working for you. The project also needed to have a community impact.

For her project, Annie created Crazy Creative, which has been a program running at the Kawartha Art Gallery (until it was recently postponed due to COVID-19).

Crazy Creative is a free drop-in at the art gallery in Lindsay on Saturdays. Children aged 7-13 have fun sculpting and molding and many of the projects are themed, and allow the children participating to express their imagination with visual arts.

Admission is a food or financial donation for Kawartha Lakes Food Source.

In her spare time,  Cheng created and animated an educational video on YouTube. Her video has been entered in the Breakthrough Junior Challenge which challenges youth to explain a big scientific idea in physics, life sciences or mathematics in a short video.

The winner will receive a $250,000 post-secondary scholarship, a $50,000 prize for their teacher, and a $100,000 breakthrough science lab.

A voting period will open between Sept. 5-20. The local community is encouraged to show their support. To learn more about the challenge and cast your vote, visit the website.


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