Welcome seasonal residents

By Lindsay Advocate

Seasonal residents spend money at our restaurants, bars, and shops which helps our economy. Here, Kim Wagg at Coach and Horses in Lindsay serves up a pint. Photo: Erin Burrell.

We live in a world that seems to thrive on controversy and negativity.

The last few years have been increasingly toxic and polarizing and U.S.-influenced political and cultural discourse continues to rear its head here.

Sometimes the arrival of the good weather months sets up false struggles between those of us who live here year-round and our seasonal residents and tourists.

Locally some of us speak condescendingly of “cidiots” and paint out-of-towners as brash speed demons, out of touch with the pace of life here. Of course, the home-grown variety who exhibit the same sort of behaviour is often forgotten.

In truth, seasonal residents bring much to the area. If you’re among them, consider this a welcome back.

The money you spend here is good for our economy, but it’s more personal than that. It literally helps our friends and neighbours, many of whom are small business owners, survive what is often a quiet winter. You are helping to ensure these places exist for all of us year-round.

Your boats easing up to our locks and through our waterways bring ambience and give locals a sense of pride of place. We know we live in a special area but it’s nice to be reminded when we see others enjoying it.

Many of you have urban roots and so you bring a different way of looking at the world sometimes. Diversity of ideas is always a good thing.

You often form friendships here with local residents, enriching both of your experiences. These friendships have been strained because of the pandemic over the past two years. It’s time to get back to renewing our connections, which are good for our health.

A heartfelt thank-you for what you add to our communities during the weeks or months you are here. This place wouldn’t be the same without you.

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  1. Anne Carmichael says:

    Thanks much for your editorial; very timely. And thank you for keeping your message and publication, The Lindsay Advocate, positive, enlightening, forward thinking and enjoyable. You certainly are filling a gap in such media in our region. Together we can drown out mindless, negative droning.

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