The Three Musketeers launches at Globus July 20

By Lindsay Advocate

Globus Theatre’s third play of their 19th season is a comedy adventure of epic proportions, according to a media release. The Three Musketeers by John Nicholson & Le Navet Bete first wowed audiences in the UK in 2019 and is now making its Canadian Premiere at Globus Theatre.

Join the young and naive D’Artagnan as he sets out for Paris, armed only with a baguette and his loyal but problematic steed, on a quest to become a King’s musketeer. After discovering that the musketeers have been disbanded, he makes it his mission to get them reinstated. But an encounter with the dangerous femme fatale (and classic literature super-villain!) Milady de Winter may prove to be his downfall.  

Globus is no stranger to John Nicholson’s work, having produced his staged version of The Hound of Baskervilles in 2013. This show is the type of performance style at which the company excels — taking four talented actors and a multitude of roles to tell a classic story with a comedic spin.

All the actors have done past shows of this ilk with Globus – Jo Haydock in Fanny Hill (2004), Sarah Quick The 39 Steps (2011) and Sunshine Express (2018) Matthew Olver (Hound of the Baskervilles (2013), and Kevin Sepaul in The Woman in Black (2009). Veteran director James Barrett will lead the group as they turn Alexandre Dumas’ 700-page historical classic into two hours of chaotically funny mayhem and madness, taking on over 30 different characters and numerous costume changes in the process.  

“Globus Theatre has always been known for bringing fringe-style theatre to the mainstream stage and this play is a great example of that. Minimal set, simple props but a fantastic tale told with theatrical flair! It is very Monty-Python-esque in its humour and we know our audiences will enjoy the laughter. We are extremely excited to bring this show to life for a Canadian audience for the first time.” Sarah Quick, Artistic Director.  

The Three Musketeers is a funny, high-energy romp full of swashbuckling and rollicking adventure, guaranteed to make you smile, laugh and cheer. To get your tickets, you can order online at or call the box office 705-738-2037.

Ticket Prices are $42.50 (Student: $32.50). Dinner & Theatre $85.00 (Student: 75.00) Visit the Globus Theatre website for more information:

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