The New-Green Libservative Party of Canada

By Roderick Benns

Roderick Benns is the publisher of The Advocate. An award-winning author and journalist who grew up in Lindsay, he has written several books including Basic Income: How a Canadian Movement Could Change the World.

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A friend of mine confided she often finds it difficult to know which way to vote, since no one party’s platform seems to completely resonate with her. I feel her pain.

The ideal political party (for people like us, anyway) would encompass ideas from the platforms of all parties.

I know there are readers of this column who believe I’m the publisher of Pravda. Still others are sure I’m the worst kind of capitalist. (I must say, it’s always interesting to be defined by someone else.)

Some regular readers may be surprised at my personal views on a variety of policies. Let’s look at a few so you can help me decide how to vote next time. Your letters are welcome!

Inequality is a topic I write about a lot. I believe we need to reform our economic system to even the playing field; I especially believe corporations should pay their fair share. I must be NDP.

Military: I believe in a much stronger, more rapid-response and robust military than we have right now. Procurement of new equipment has been a joke for decades. We should have a bigger economic and military footprint in the Arctic, too. I must be Conservative.

Basic income: I happen to think a basic income would unlock the potential of Canadians, just as retired Tory Senator Hugh Segal believes. A basic income has been supported by most of the parties except the Conservatives, but the Green Party’s “guaranteed livable income” has been the most consistent. I must be Green.

Cancel culture: Not a fan. It’s gone too far as we rightly push for more social justice. I must be Conservative.

Childcare: Of course we should have a national child-care program. It’s a policy that improves lives, especially women’s lives and that’s good for all of society. I must be Liberal.

Pharmacare: The missing piece from the vision of Tommy Douglas — a complete health-care system that includes both pharmacare and dentalcare. Yes, we should get behind this. Despite recent Liberal conversions to the cause, this is an NDP vision. I must be NDP

That’s just six issues. See my dilemma?

That’s not even counting the other choice challenge in our electoral system, which is that we must vote for a local representative to get the prime minister we want. Or, put another away, if we like our local representative that doesn’t necessarily mean we like the PM we end up with.

So apart from starting the New-Green Libservative Party of Canada, I guess I will continue to do what I’ve done for many years now — decide which issues are connecting with me the most come each election and do my best to vote accordingly.

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  1. Bonnie Harris says:

    If you find a candidate or party that agrees with all these ideas, let me know. They’d get my vote.

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