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Globus fundraising campaign looks to raise $200,000 with help of foundation

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Lakeview Arts Barn, home of Globus Theatre.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Globus Theatre was forced to cancel their 17th season of professional summer theatre. With 60 per cent of their annual $500,000 budget being derived from ticket sales it has meant a huge financial loss to the company and left this Ontario Summer Theatre facing an uncertain future.

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Fenelon Falls shows support for LGBTQ+ community after hate crime incident

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Oscar, Charlotte, Zoe and Levon Ceci show their support to staff at Grr8 Finds Market. Photo: Sylvia Keesmaat.

A large group of people congregated outside Grr8 Finds Market in Fenelon on Wednesday to show support following homophobic harassment that targeted the owner and an employee the previous day.

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Mackey Funeral Home buys Stoddart Funeral Home

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Mackey Funeral Home buys Stoddart Funeral Home
Mackey Funeral Home has purchased Stoddart's Funeral Home. Photo: Jennifer Boksman.

Linden Mackey, owner of the century-old Mackey Funeral Home in Lindsay has bought out Stoddart Funeral Home, Lindsay’s other venerable funeral institution.

Shain Fletcher, the sole owner of Stoddart, quietly sold his shares of the funeral home to Mackey this spring, after discussions of keeping the funeral home locally owned and operated.

The Mackey and Stoddart families had long cooperated throughout the years, with Fletcher even training at one time under James Mackey and the late Linden and Gordon Mackey, according to the Stoddart website.

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Canada Day reflection: An ‘accidental Canadian’ considers his roots

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With Canada Day in the offing, I often think of how my extended family first arrived in this great land. My mother’s parents from Northern Ireland and Scotland made a conscious decision to immigrate to escape overpopulation and unemployment at home.

My Dad’s paternal grandfather left the Midlands of England hoping for more opportunity in a new land. However, my dad’s maternal grandfather had no intention of coming to Canada when he left Norway in 1894. Only through a series of unplanned and and life altering events did this former whaler not end up settling permanently in the United States, his intended new home, when he left Stokke, Norway at the age of 18.

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‘Peoples’ Economy’ summit plans new economic normal in Kawartha Lakes

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“We want this to inspire other communities."

Some residents of Kawartha Lakes are seizing the moment of economic upheaval to chart a path forward for a new “economic normal” in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initial group – which has started out as half a dozen local leaders including Mike Perry, Laraine Hale, Dennis Geelan, Helen Scott and Ameila Valenti – is working to build a peoples’ movement to implement economic measures that serve people and the environment better than the free market, according to a press release.

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The rise and fall of bakeries and home baking in Kawartha Lakes

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Bill Gill, whose father Herb ran a bakery in Bobcaygeon.

The wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread wafts from the inner sanctum of A.B. Terry’s bakery, confectionery, and restaurant at 117 Kent Street in downtown Lindsay.

The loaves emerging from Terry’s state-of-the art ovens represent only one of the many offerings found in this hunger-inducing establishment — it’s the middle of June, after all, and the wedding season is fast approaching. Anyone getting married in this year of 1901 will want to select one of the stylish wedding cakes which have made Terry famous far and wide across Victoria County.

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Dr. Victor Sun: A passion for dentistry

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“Dr. Sun’s passion in life is ‘dentistry.’” So states the bio on Dr. Victor Sun’s website. For Sun, who as of this August will have been practicing in Lindsay for 20 years, dentistry is an artistic pursuit. “It gives me the opportunity to recreate the natural anatomy of a tooth, to design and build a beautiful smile,” he says.

I’ve interviewed individuals who had passions for music, for baking, for sports, even for human-powered vertical flight and ice-resurfacing machines. I could understand every one of those passions. But dentistry?

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Home owner help on the way from City for needed repairs

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Photo: Sienna Frost.

Help is on the way for homeowners in need of repairs, energy efficient upgrades or accessibility modifications.

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The Cat came back: Restaurant meets learning curve head on

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For restaurants, it offered some relief – some.

But being restricted to take-out service only during the pandemic was hardly a simple matter of closing one door – literally – and directing customers to the other open door to that dedicated take-out counter.

If you’d never previously offered full-scale take-out you had to learn.


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Quilters answer the call to help Ross Memorial Hospital with mask supply

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“Would you be able to make a few cloth masks for hospital visitors and patients leaving the hospital and heading home?”

That question came to Eleanor Plewes in an email from Dr. Rob Drury in late March. A few months and over 3,000 masks later, he’s had his answer.

Plewes reached out to her evening quilting guild and Victoria Quilts, a group that makes quilts for cancer patients. Thirty-five people responded.

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