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Gun amnesty update from police

‘Social determinants’ of gun violence need to be addressed

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Gun amnesty update from police

This is in response to the article in the Advocate’s June 2020 magazine edition, “The Great Debate” on the proposed federal gun law.

Removing the newly listed (and unlisted) prohibited firearms won’t end or significantly reduce gun violence as the government, and society, are collectively seeking.

The government needs to commit right now to tackling the social determinants of gun violence, gangs and the demand for illicit firearms. Significant investments need to be made today to ensure a reduction in gun violence tomorrow. This will require a sustained commitment of resourcing and government priority.

This includes giving Canada Border Services Agency the tools and resources needed to stop the flow of illegal firearms into Canada, as well as further investments in police services at all levels to tackle gangs, organized crime and the market for illegal firearms.

Once investments have been made in catching criminals, we need to make sure they are fully prosecuted.

This will require further investments in our justice system with the capacity and policies needed to keep criminals in jail.

Canada needs to show leadership in the coordination of police services across the country to better flag suspicious purchases and other firearm-related criminal offences.

This has been identified as a significant gap that has contributed to domestically-sourced firearms into the criminal element.

It should have received government attention prior to implementing a ban.

This serves as a prime example of a non-regulatory alternative that could have enhanced public safety.

Robert Wiggins


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