Reader asks if having a fair is fair to public health?

By Lindsay Advocate

With Ontario being very much still in a pandemic and a fourth wave being a threat to us why are we proceeding with a fair in Lindsay this year? There were several car shows, public events, and even the plowing match was canceled this year due to the pandemic so who made the reckless decision to proceed with the fair? How are people going to be protected in our community from spreading this virus around?

An outbreak from an event this size could easily strain our hospital and close schools and work places. I understand that vaccinations will not be required to attend and masks are “recommended” but not enforced outdoors at the fair.

Why is it that vaccinations will not be required considering as of Sept. 22 a mandate for vaccinations against COVID are being placed on Ontarians?

There are closures of schools in Ontario happening due to outbreaks. Are we prepared to have that happen here again too as fairs generally cater to children.

This really seems like a poor decision made by organizers and feel that our mayor should have decided against this idea of proceeding with the fair as well. I am seriously concerned that we will end up here in Ontario in the same current condition that Alberta and Saskatchewan are in due to opening up things too fast and freely.

–Jackie Hellawell, Dunsford

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