Pothole problems, landfill longing from resident in ward two

By Lindsay Advocate

Thank you for painting a bright new shiny solid yellow line on Concession 7 and Northline Road.

This will be helpful at letting us all know when we have broken the law by veering to the other side of the road repeatedly to miss the many potholes.

I’m sure you will be happy to receive revenue from tickets that may now ensue, since we clearly now know when we’re breaking the law.

What about filling the potholes and fixing that road?

Pothole filling is long past the solution on this road. It’s time to resurface.

I don’t want to hear whining about budget and many priorities, and your overstretched staff (neither they, nor you, have lost a dime in salary, while most of your residents and taxpayers absolutely have).

I personally have incurred a cost of almost $100 to fix a tire due to potholes on this road and I can tell you at least one of my neighbours has experienced exactly the same. Proof is available, I am not exaggerating.

There is another almost no-contact service which has been shut down and (due to your largesse) is slowly reopening — landfills.

Is there a reason why landfills are not fully open and functioning?

I can’t think of a less-contact service the city provides. I have waited two and a half hours in a long line up just to throw garbage away legally. Why?

I continue to pay my taxes but that’s irrelevant nowadays; governments are spending money hand-over-fist. Apparently in your case keeping employees fully paid.

You haven’t made a statement in over two weeks now about anything, at least according to your website and Pingstreet.

Would you please get busy running the city?

D’Arcy Cameron, Ward 2

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