Municipal government matters

By Lindsay Advocate

We need collaborators much more than we need more critics.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Municipal government matters. A lot.

Just think about the things that affect you and your family every single day. Roads, libraries, police, garbage, community centres, paramedics, parks, agriculture, museums, fire services, snow removal, recycling, economic development, Victoria Manor, zoning — we could go on for a long time.

But we’d rather talk about the kinds of people we want to see looking after these critical elements of life in Kawartha Lakes.

Forget about political parties and labels. The people whose names will appear on the ballot this October are our neighbours. And neighbours need to work together, regardless of their political leanings, for the good of the whole community.

Here’s what we at the Advocate want to see from the candidates running for mayor, council and school boards:

  1. Demonstrate integrity. The way you deal with others in your life outside the council chambers, whether at work, while volunteering or personally, is the most important indicator of whether you can and should be trusted to help lead Kawartha Lakes.
  1. Be in favour of things. It’s easy to be against everything. We need collaborators much more than we need more critics.
  1. Base decisions on verifiable facts rather than ideology, opinion or personal impressions. Set aside preconceptions, trust experts and other credible sources, and be prepared to change your mind when you learn new information.
  1. Put the city as a whole first. Of course you should speak for residents in your ward. But focusing on your backyard means you never take the road to a vibrant future. Be a champion for a common vision: the good of everyone in a strong, innovative, compassionate Kawartha Lakes.
  1. Be a good colleague. If you must criticize others, even your opponents, stick to their record and their platform and avoid personal attacks. In office, respect those you disagree with; you’re all working in your own way for the public good.

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