More money for cameras at geared-to-income housing to help counter gang activity

By Kirk Winter

L to R: Don Thomas, chair of Police Services Board, chief of police KLPS Mark Mitchell, MPP Laurie Scott, and CEO of the KLH Housing Corp., Hope Lee.

A new provincial grant of $19,125 will see additional closed circuit television cameras installed at city-managed, geared-to-income housing properties in Lindsay.

Haliburton Kawartha Lakes Brock MPP Laurie Scott, Kawartha Lakes Police Services chief Mark Mitchell, Kawartha Haliburton Housing Corporation director Hope Lee and Police board member Don Thomas made the recent announcement in front of the police station in downtown Lindsay.

Mitchell told reporters this money comes out of a $6 million fund announced by the province in August to battle violent crime, criminal activity and gangs.

“This money will enhance CCTV coverage in buildings that already have cameras,” Mitchell said, “and add cameras in facilities that currently don’t have them.”

“These cameras will help battle violent crime and gang activity,” he added. “They will have an impact.”

“The voices of the residents in these buildings have been heard and we hope this commitment (of money and cameras) will make residents feel safer,” Mitchell said.

Scott picked up where the chief left off, touting the anti-gang funding that will be available to communities across the province over the next three years.

“This expenditure will help those living in the housing and the neighbourhoods around them,” Scott said.

“This funding will allow new and improved cameras to be purchased that will be an important tool to keep communities safe,” the MPP said.

Hope Lee, whose buildings will be the direct beneficiary of this provincial money, said the additional cameras will be installed in the lobbies, hallways, stairwells and parking lots of properties beginning in Lindsay.

“This project will help us work more closely with the police to keep our tenants safe and secure. Staff and tenants have been spoken to and are supportive of this move,” Lee added.

Cameras will be installed early in the new year. Current city staff working at these buildings will be responsible for monitoring the cameras which are activated by motion only.

This contrasts with older CCTVs that ran continuously, producing hundreds of hours of wasted footage for staff and police to wade through in the event of an incident requiring film evidence.

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    Which ‘gangs’ operate in Lindsay??

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