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Kawartha Traditional Archery Club aims for continued success 10 years running

Kawartha Traditional Archery Club aims for continued success 10 years running

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Fred Walker started the Kawartha Traditional Archery Club as a hobby and it has remained this way for 10 years. He just happens to want to share that hobby with other enthusiasts.

What began with his double car garage quickly became a two room shop offering as much traditional archery equipment as could possibly fit.

“We offer a venue to serve traditional archers — no compound bows or crossbows which makes us unique,” says Walker. “I am not aware of any other club or organization that has this limited focus in Ontario.”

KTAC offers rental programs, lessons, and several ranges to shoot in, including several acres of full size animal targets referred to as 3D targets.

“We even allow primitive camping.”

When he started KTAC many told Walker it wouldn’t work, being a traditional-only club, using long bows and recurve bows only. He proved them wrong.

He doesn’t get into the retail side of things. He simply enjoys meeting individuals who are interested in archery, at any level of expertise, to talk and share.

“I want to encourage people to come by see what is here and enjoy it.”

For just $10 individuals can shoot all day.

“I don’t even have to be here. It’s on an honour system, where a person signs in, puts the money in the container, and signs out when finished.

Walker says it’s a great idea to call and make sure he will be there if a customer wants access to the shop or his services, such as lessons or a bow rental – or even just to have a visit and talk.

May 25 is the ‘opening of season special.’ That means the $10 fee is waived and you can shoot from 9 am to dark.

“Come shoot for the day, bring a lunch and picnic. Or just come for a walk-through to check out the venue,” says Walker. Equipment rental is 50 per cent off then, too.

KTAC is located at 3123 Elm Tree Rd., about five minutes north of the small hamlet of Cambray. Visit their website for more information.

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