Kawartha Lakes’ only news magazine podcast reaches milestone episode

By Lindsay Advocate

Host and producer Denis Grignon chats with Marc Novoselec about his new CD, which he produced from his home in Cambray.

So many come. So many go.

Disappearing into an internet ether of cat videos, how-to YouTube tutorials and incendiary, meandering blogs.

But with its 12th episode, which dropped August 1, The Advocate Podcast: Stories from Kawartha Lakes is becoming an established and “must-listen” for local residents.

Since it launched in early February the news magazine program set out to become a polished, professionally-produced and journalistically-sound show.

“And we believe that’s what made this show stand out,” says Roderick Benns, publisher of The Advocate magazine, an independently-owned media company based in Lindsay, Ontario, which includes an on-line news site as well as the podcast.

“We wanted this to sound like the current affairs and lifestyle programs you’d hear on the CBC, NPR or BBC, complete with theme music, (created by Gerald Van Halteren), and even sound effects to tell stories — but stories specifically geared to people in Kawartha Lakes.”

“And 12 episodes in,” Benns continues, “I believe our listeners would say we’ve achieved this.”

Benns offers, as example, interviews around the local Black Lives Matter movement.

“To hear from BLM organizer — 17-year-old, Selina Reevie — and then Chief of Police, Mark Mitchell….what they had to say about this important issue really comes through so much clearer and emphatically when you can actually hear their voices.”

For producer and host Denis Grignon, a Dunsford resident who started his broadcast career at the CBC in Ottawa, The Advocate Podcast allows him to celebrate so much of what he’s come to love about Kawartha Lakes.

“Sure, it’s important that I interview that city official to justify why landfills were closed during the pandemic. Or from the chief paramedic about how Covid has affected their work,” says Grignon.

“But I honestly believe it’s just as important that we hear from that musician creating music from their home in some northern corner of Kawartha Lakes. Or the Bobcaygeon hairstylist who’s finally back at work. Or from that Glenarm chip truck that makes the best deep fried pickles ever!”

Joli Scheidler-Benns, co-publisher of The Advocate, adds, “We’ve shown that you can create a great program, with great journalism — and even levity and humour — that doesn’t have to emanate from ‘the big city.’”

Adds Grignon, “This is the best gig I’ve ever had.

And, actually, we’re 13 episodes in,” he concedes, citing a special bonus, COVID-related episode in March. “So, I guess you could say our milestone is a baker’s dozen of episodes.”

The Advocate Podcast: Stories from Kawartha Lakes is made possible by exclusive sponsor, Wards Lawyers – wardlegal.ca. All episodes are free to stream or download via Spotify, Apple Podcasts and by clicking here. https://podcasts.apple.com/bb/podcast/the-advocate-podcast-stories-from-kawartha-lakes/id1498802609

Not sure how this whole podcast thing works? Super easy. Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxq6cFr9g6g  and see how.

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