Heat pumps or gas furnaces – What’s best for Bobcaygeon residents?

By Lindsay Advocate

Heat pumps are under discussion at a meeting being organized by Seniors for Climate Action Now! (SCAN!) in Bobcaygeon, on June 26.

Interested residents are invited to join Seniors for Climate Action Now! (SCAN!) on June 26 for three presentations and a discussion on the important question of how we heat our homes in our age of climate change.

There are alternatives to natural gas. Heat pumps can save money on those monthly heating bills and are gentler on the environment. Learn all about them at this meeting before deciding which technology to choose.

Speakers include Sarah Bakker of the Canadian Climate Institute, Moya Beall of SCAN! (who will be discussing the politics and economics of heat pumps vs. gas furnaces), and Cory Rawn of 123HVAC, who will be giving a technical presentation about heat pumps.

This event will be taking place at the Boyd Heritage Museum (21 Canal Street East, Bobcaygeon) Wednesday, June 26 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


  1. Wallace says:

    Oh boy. Heat pumps are really being pushed these days. There must be more profit in them than traditional gas furnaces…I mean, they must be ‘green’.

  2. Sherry Hillman says:

    We love ours! We save a bundle on our heating bill and it is cleaner & more comfortable indoors and includes AC for the summer heat waves. Plus it lowers our carbon footprint which is important to us thinking of our grandchildren’s future on this planet.

    • Wallace says:

      Save a bundle huh ? How much do you save in dollars per month ? How much did the heat pump cost to buy and install ? I’m genuinely curious because no one ever gives actual numbers when they say they ‘save a bundle’. And, respectfully, nothing you , or any Canadian can do, will affect the future of this planet for our grandchildren while China, India, and South America make no effort to reduce pollution.

  3. Wallace says:

    You save a bundle huh ? How much ?

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