Globus Theatre is back with a full season of professional theatre

By Lindsay Advocate

Running from June 22nd to August 27th at the Lakeview Arts Barn in Bobcaygeon Globus Theatre’s 2022 Summer Season comprises of a world premiere murder mystery The Great 44th Fowler’s Falls Fall Fair Disaster written by Sarah Quick; two new Canadian comedies Meet My Sister by Bonnie Green and Screwball Comedy by the hugely popular Norm Foster; Leisa Way, back by popular demand, with Rock n Roll is Here to Stay; and the Canadian premiere of John Nicholson and Le Navet Bete’s The Three Musketeers (A Comedy Adventure!)

Meet My Sister – by Bonnie Green 

June 22 to July 2 

A hilarious new Canadian play about sibling rivalry, aging parents, and childhood memories.  

Blanche is a hard-working public health nurse with a penchant for details and deadlines; Stella is an organic herbalist and lavender exporter. As sisters they couldn’t be more different! But circumstances dictate that they join forces when Mom, who is scheduled to move to Pleasant Poplars, a Long-Term Care Facility, locks herself in her home and refuses to go!  

As the sisters attempt to cajole Mom out of her house and into a home, they fight, bond, laugh, reminisce, and argue over who inherits the green glass. Little do they know that a high school crush will make an appearance and long buried family secrets are about to change all their lives forever.  


Leisa Way stars in Rock n’ Roll is Here to Stay – starring Leisa Way and her Wayward Wind Band  

July 5 to 16 

A musical journey through the history of Rock ‘n Roll  

Audience favourite Leisa Way is back! And this time she’s keeping the classic rock flame burning in a high-energy, captivating show with songs from the hottest Rock n Roll stars and bands in music history.   

As Leisa and her phenomenal musicians take us on a magical mystery tour of 40 years of rock’s greatest hits, poodle skirts and page boys gave way to miniskirts and go-go boots.   

From Buddy Holly to the Beach Boys, from Elvis to The Eagles; experience the sounds of Queen, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, Pat Benetar, The Guess Who, Carol King and many, many more…   

If you’ve ever wanted to Rock n Roll all night (and party ev-er-eee-dayyyy!) then join us as we remind you that you were Born to be Wild!   


The Three Musketeers – by John Nicholson & Le Navet Bete 

July 20 to 30 

From the writer of Hound of the Baskervilles (Globus 2013). This riotous adaptation of Alexandre Dumas’ classic novel is a funny, high-energy romp full of swashbuckling and rollicking adventure.  

Join the young and naive D’Artagnan as he sets out for Paris, armed only with a baguette and his loyal but problematic steed, on a quest to become a King’s musketeer, After discovering that the musketeers have been disbanded, he makes it his mission to get them reinstated. But an encounter with the dangerous femme fatale, Milady de Winter may prove to be his downfall.  

A comedy adventure of epic proportions. 


The Great 44th Fowler’s Falls Fall Fair Disaster – by Sarah Quick 

August 3 to 13 

The fall fair is an annual highlight for the residents of tiny Fowler’s Falls, and it is abound with traditions. But an influx of new residents in town threatens to throw things into disarray.  

The talent show is thrust into turmoil, the Harvest Queen pageant is a fashion disaster, the homecraft committee suspect sabotage and the rooster crowing competition crown holder looks to be the victim of fowl play.
Stakes are high, the competition is fierce, and it looks like someone would kill to be the winner.

Will this 44th anniversary event be the town’s downfall, or will fairness prevail?  


Screwball Comedy – by Norm Foster 

August 17 to 27  

A great new Canadian comedy from audience favourite Norm Foster.  

The year is 1938 and newly laid-off perfumier Mary Hayes is trying to break into the male dominated world of newspaper journalism. Editor-in-Chief Bosco Godfrey sets a competition between his egotistical star reporter Jeff Kincaid and plucky Mary, assigning them to cover a society wedding. If Jeff writes the better story, he gets to keep his job. If Mary wins, she will replace the ace newshound.   

A homage to those zany screwball comedies of that time period, this play is full of snappy period dialogue, outrageous characters and humour that packs a punch! 

Sarah Quick and James Barrett.

“We are thrilled to be able to announce a season that has us returning to the Lakeview Arts Barn stage at full force,” says James Barrett, artistic producer, in a media release. “Over the last two years we have developed an even stronger relationship with our audience and had an opportunity to really talk to them and listen to what they have to say – this season is what they have asked for and we cannot wait to share it with them.” 

Sarah Quick, artistic director, says, “Choosing this year’s summer season has been a unique experience. With our last two programmed seasons being cancelled it has taken a lot of positive thinking and rallying as a team to select this year’s offerings…but we think our audience is going to love them.”

“Our patrons told us that, this year at least, they wanted the emphasis to be on comedy and that our tradition of programing new works alongside perennial favourites was what most appealed. We have a reputation for offering a wide variety of entertainment – truly something for everyone – and that’s what our audiences can look forward to this summer.”

Tickets will go on sale on April 7 for STAR Supporters and April 11 for the general public. Tickets can be booked by calling the box office: 705-738-2037 

Ticket Prices

Theatre $42.50

Dinner & Theatre $85

5-show Subscription Theatre only $212.50 (includes dinner with the Murder Mystery)

5-show Subscription Dinner & Theatre $382.50  

Visit Globus Theatre website for more information:

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