Denby makes three in mayoral race

By Kirk Winter

Farm country, Canadian Shield…anything but “cottage country”

Cameron-area businessman and president of the Kawartha Lakes Taxpayer Association, Bill Denby, has decided to challenge for the mayor’s chair in the October 2022 municipal election, joining  veteran councillors Doug Elmslie and Pat Dunn who have been on the campaign trail since early June.

When asked during a telephone interview with The Advocate why he decided to run for mayor rather than remain in the council race in Ward Three, Denby had his reasons.

“It was always the intent that I would run for mayor if a candidate did not step forward that represented the beliefs of me and other like-minded candidates who have put their names forward to run in other wards,” Denby said, who ran in 2014 and placed last. “Voters need a clear choice. Voters need someone who can move the city forward. I believe I can be the best ambassador on behalf of the people of Kawartha Lakes to bring business and development to the area.”

“I am not running for the money,” Denby said. “I plan to donate half my salary to local charities and community groups. I want to help the community.”

Denby went on to address what he thinks differentiates him from the other two candidates.

“I want to take back control of City Hall from senior staff,” Denby said. “I believe both my opponents give staff what they want. It is councils’ job to make the decisions. Senior staff should have nothing to fear from me but I believe that the mayor should set the agenda for council, and be the spokesman for council and ensure that power is with council who were elected by the people.”

“I hope with the support of other like-minded people running for council,” Denby continued, “that we can finally create a city open for business, where people stay in the city and raise their families. I also want to see the city make sure that developers pay their fair share so that taxpayers aren’t left on the hook for infrastructure not built.”

Denby promised that 80 per cent of all monies collected from each ward in tax dollars would stay in the ward, and that a Denby administration would make roads the city’s priority.

“We need to figure out how we can allocate more money to roads,” Denby said, “Almost every road in Kawartha Lakes needs repair. Infrastructure improvements will come next.”

Denby also promised to change the way city hall does business.

“We want to keep voters up to date,” Denby said. “We will bring in performance reviews for all senior city staff and council. I would like to see an open door policy for the media at city hall. I would like to move council meetings to the evening that encourage public participation.”

On the campaign itself, Denby hopes there will be at least 10-12 mayoral debates across the city over the next few months.

“I am spending my own money on this campaign,” Denby said. “I am taking no donations so as mayor I owe no one favours. I honestly believe that when people see my platform that they will see I am the clear choice.”

Denby wants to see at least one more candidate join the mayoral race, hopefully someone younger, perhaps in their forties, who could better relate to a younger demographic.

Candidates have until August 19 to file their completed paperwork for mayor and council with the city clerk.


  1. T. D'Arcy McGee says:

    When Denby ram for Mayor in 2014, he garnered 654 votes out of almost 28,000 votes cast. Don’t expect the results will be much different in 2022. However, Mayoral debates should provide some entertainment with “wild Bill” front & centre

    • BILL DENBY says:

      Mr. Mc Gee most people would take your comment as a grumpy old man having one last kick at the can, that cannot spell! You must be worried that the old Boys & girls Clubs in Lindsay might loose their control at City Hall if I am elected! I would be too if I were you, glad to see your still alive! Make sure you come out to the debates & bring your Candy! Mayor William J Denby elect

  2. Kyle says:

    Reputation far exceds the man, that Reputation is not a good one……

  3. Mel says:

    I see Mr. Denby’s internet commentary hasn’t changed much since 2014.

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