Cross country quilt tour reaches Fenelon Falls

By Lindsay Advocate

The Stephen Lewis Foundation 20th Anniversary quilt has arrived in Fenelon Falls. It was showcased at Moonlight Madness at the Lil Wee Quilt Shoppe on June 24. Approximately 100 viewers, including children, had the opportunity to see the quilt, with visitors coming from different places such as Trenton, Mississauga, and even Minnesota.

The quilt contains 153 unique hand-cut fabric leaves, many of which are hand-stitched and hand-beaded. The border of the quilt consists of 44 pieces adorned with African-themed appliques.

The quilt represents the solidarity between African and Canadian grandmothers. More than 300 grandmothers from Canada and sub-Saharan African countries contributed to its creation. The central theme of the quilt portrays a grandmother tree symbolizing strength, with branches reaching out to protect her grandchildren—the saplings at her feet—and her roots deeply embedded in the African community’s soil.

For those who missed the opportunity to see the quilt at Moonlight Madness, it will be displayed in the window of the Wee Little Quilt Shoppe on Canada Day, at the Sturgeon Point Art show on July 8, at the Fenelon Falls library from July 11 to July 14, and at the Maryboro Lodge, Fenelon Museum on Wednesday, July 19, during the afternoon tea.

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