Create more pressure for better bus service

By Lindsay Advocate

I fully agree with Dr. Michael Moreton’s letter (Sept. Advocate) regarding the poor bus services from Toronto to Lindsay and as such I have written many letters to GO Transit, TOK Coachlines and to our city council.

I have a challenged son and we relied on the bus service to get him from Oshawa to Lindsay to visit his mom for a week each month.

He lives in Oshawa with the help of support services and has been very reliant on bus services. There are many other people who are in need of reliable bus services due to school needs, medical needs, shopping and more.

I have suggested that GO Transit do a study as to the number of persons requiring its services to get them to work, school or hospitals  from the Lindsay area that would warrant regular transit service.

Not only would my son need a reliable bus to get him here to visit his mom, but I also could use this service for my own needs as I need the help of specialist care in Toronto and I do not drive much or far anymore.  

I encourage people with these same needs to write many letters to city council, to TOK and GO Transit and government departments to encourage more reliable bus service to Kawartha Lakes.

–Heather Green-Leddy, Kawartha Lakes



  1. Ray Smith says:

    The Port Perry-Whitby 81A GO Bus should be extended to Lindsay. Direct service to a town of Lindsay’s should be considered since smaller towns like Sunderland, Cannington, and Beaverton are already serviced.

    • Bonnie says:

      Ray, they should also have a bus route come from Oshawa Go, start up Simcoe Street to Manilla which is only 20 minutes away from Lindsay. Town should provide a pick up area in Lindsay to Manilla.

  2. D'Arcy McGee says:

    There currently is daily Go Bus service from the facility at the junction of 35 & 115. It would make sense to consider a pilot project with buses running periodically, perhaps from Lindsay Mall, with a stop at the above mentioned location,& then on to Oshawa.Should the test numbers prove to be viable,we would require a designated location that would provide daily parking for commuters. A six month test would provide sufficient information to decide whether such a service would be economical worthwhile

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