Council revises meeting schedule for remainder of 2019

By Lindsay Advocate

Council adopted a change to the meeting schedule for the remainder of the year at the Regular Council meeting on March 26.

The change sees Regular Council meetings reduced to one per month. The came about as a result of the first few months under the new term of Council that saw the introduction of Committee of the Whole meetings. It resulted in an average of three meetings per month, separated by only one week. In some cases, meeting agendas were very light, resulting in short meetings, unnecessary travel times and inconvenience for the public and media who attend the meetings.

Cathie Ritchie, City Clerk commented, “We are adjusting the way we conduct municipal business to be a good fit for everyone. The new schedule will allow us to maximize our time at meetings. The Committee of the Whole meetings are well attended by the public and special interest groups, and it’s a venue where we hear more deputations and informational presentations. It allows Regular Council meetings to run smoothly and efficiently.”

Mayor Letham noted that should time-sensitive business arise, Council has the option to add an additional Regular Council meeting, or to extend a Committee of the Whole meeting with a Regular Council section in order to allow items to be adopted.

April meetings will take place at the following times:

April 9, 1 pm, Committee of the Whole
April 23, 2 pm, Regular Council

For a list of all meeting dates visit the City’s website.

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