Consecration ceremony to celebrate completion of main Buddha Hall: Wutai Shan

By Roderick Benns

Wutai Shan

On Oct. 5 many dignitaries will gather to celebrate the Buddhist Association of Canada’s Cham Shan Temple, near Bethany, with the consecration ceremony for the main Buddha Hall.

About 1,350 acres of largely rural land was purchased in City of Kawartha Lakes and Peterborough County for the construction of four massive Buddhist gardens. Wutai Shan is the first to be developed of the four planned gardens.

According to information supplied by the temple, the project will be a major showcase in the history of Buddhism in  North America.

“In promoting wisdom and compassion of Buddhism, as well as Chinese culture and Tang-style architecture, it also plays an important role in promoting local tourism and multiculturalism in Canada,” according to a travel guide.

On Oct. 5 the following timelines are observed. At 10 am, there is a welcome reception. At 10:40 am guests arrive. The celebration ceremony is at 11 am, with the ribbon cutting at Noon. Lunch is at 12:30 pm, with a procession to the main Buddha Hall at 1 pm. The consecration ceremony itself is at 1:30 pm.   

The Buddhist Association of Canada will hold the consecration ceremony “to celebrate the auspicious occasion of the completion of the Main Buddha Hall, constructed in the Tang Dynasty architectural style, at the Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden in Canada.”

Three grand elder masters and 100 venerable masters from both Canada and China will host the ceremony.

“This occasion offers attendees an opportunity to receive blessings from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, to remove afflictions, to purify the mind, and to awaken intrinsic wisdom,” according to a press release.

All are welcome. Registration is required. Sign up early for this opportunity. Bus services will be provided by the Cham Shan Temple.

For further information please contact Alain Guo: 647-617-5108 or at


  1. Louise Frigon says:

    I would love to attend the Oct. 5th opening at the Sham Chan Temple. Do I need to register? if so could I register for myself & a friend. Thank you for your attention.

  2. Avatar photo Roderick Benns says:

    Louise, it says in the article, second last paragraph, that you need to register. Contact information is supplied.

  3. Terry Lowe says:

    Tried several times to register by phone and email no one returns call or replies to email

  4. Percy says:

    I emailed a week ago for information on attending. No reply or acknowledgement received. May I assume the “Open House” is for a select group only?

  5. Avatar photo Roderick Benns says:

    Hi Percy,

    We just recently received this notice…this is all we know.

    Dear Sirs,

    Please be advised that the originally scheduled consecration ceremonies of the new Buddha Hall and Garden in Bethany, Ontario will not take place as planned due to construction delays. There will be a small internal religious event only. Media will be invited to visit at a later date.

    With apologies for any inconvenience caused.

    Laura Mayne

    Canadian Chinese Society for the Arts

  6. Percy says:

    What is the Canadian Chinese Society for the Arts? How are they connected to the temple? Why do they speak on the temple’s behalf in respect of temple opening and media events? Why is there no contact information or title?

  7. Percy says:

    Here’s a live video of large crowds attending the October 5th opening, despite “construction delays”.

    A select group only, though.

    Laura Mayne?

  8. Percy says:

    Here’s the CTV news video of large crowds attending the event October 5th despite “construction delays”, Roderick.

    Select audience only, though.

  9. Avatar photo Roderick Benns says:

    Thank you for posting.

  10. Percy says:

    …and here’s the CTV news clip of this “small internal religious event”: thousands in attendance, including bagpipes and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer.

    Not so many people from Peterborough, though.

  11. Lois says:

    Do you know when it’s going to be officially open? They had a grand opening ceremony but I drove by and it’s not open.

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