Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes celebrates fourth year anniversary

By Lindsay Advocate

Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes board chair Mike Bellamy recently shared that the Foundation has distributed nearly a million dollars into the community, while acting as a trusted steward of federal grant money.

The Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes celebrates its fourth-year anniversary bringing a proven charitable business model of growing and managing local philanthropy to the Kawartha Lakes. The intimate event was held November 30 at the Colborne Street Art Gallery in Fenelon Falls, Ontario.

Since its inception, the Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes has been committed to creating meaningful and lasting change in the community, working as a resource to bring together the knowledge, opportunities and partners needed to make a difference in Kawartha Lakes.

In a speech to board members, community leaders, fundholders and local councillors, Mike Bellamy, Past President of the Community Foundation and board chair, shared great affection and gratitude for the City of Kawartha Lakes and the people who have helped build the Community Foundation to where it is today.

Reflecting on the Foundation’s humble beginnings prior to charitable status to the organization’s current stature, Bellamy shared that the Foundation has distributed nearly a million dollars into the community, while acting as a trusted steward of federal grant money. “It is probably safe to say that without us this [federal grant] money would not have flowed to the City of Kawartha Lakes.”

“We have inspired a large number of donor directed funds whereby fundholders can participate in creating lasting legacies toward initiatives that are meaningful to them in tax advantageous ways,” Bellamy shared, as he recognized fundholders critical to the Foundation’s activities.

The Foundation enters 2024 with a pipeline of 10 new funds promising community investments from adding accessibility to public spaces to raising capital for restoration projects or recreational improvements, supporting the growth of arts & culture, supporting truth and reconciliation settler charities and initiatives as well as supporting its own environmental / climate change focused projects. Beyond these activities, the Foundation supports donor directed philanthropy towards area charities and the administration of several scholarship programs.

The growth of the Foundation is supported by the unwavering dedication and relentless dedication of its board of directors, past and present including current board members Glen Wright, Andrew Davidson, Mike Bellamy, Jack Roks, Mark Knoester, Adam Hayward, Tina Vanderhayden and Nancy Stinson.

Bellamy also publicly thanked people essential to the progress including Jack Roks, past President and Treasurer, as a “brave leader and steady hand,” Foundation Coodinator Margaret Cunningham, as steward of many Foundation relationships and a ‘torch bearer for ever single activity’ and current Executive Director, Laurie Dillon-Schalk.

Present at the event included Community Foundation fundholders Glen Wright representing the Glen Orloe Wright Fund, Chris Handley representing the Handley Memorial Fund, Phong Tan representing the Mai & Chuong Tan Fund, Marlene Stewart Morrison representing the Womens ChangeMaker Fund, Tim Wiesner and Lynn Manning representing the Grove Theatre Fund, Kathy Armstrong representing the Fenelon Falls Horticultural Fund, Chris Appleton, Jim Armstrong, Chris Handley representing the Community Fund of Fenelon Falls and Ann Adare, Pat Warren representing the Bobcaygeon Community Fund.

The Foundation would like to thank all who supported since our inception as well as the generous support for the event itself by Marlene Stewart-Morrison, Louis Karkabasis, Tim Wisener and Chris Van Lierop.

The Community Foundation of Kawartha Lakes is dedicated to making a positive impact in Kawartha Lakes by connecting generous donors with local initiatives and organizations that make a tangible difference to the lives of individuals and families in Kawartha Lakes. This is achieved by raising and managing funds, attracting legacy gifts and endowment funds, all with the aim of encouraging people to ‘give where they live’.

The Community Foundation would be delighted to speak with members of the community, and is eager to share its stories, highlight the tax benefits of charitable giving, and suggest how citizens can contribute to strengthen their community.

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