City spokesperson says Kent Street sidewalk brick issues will be fixed

By Kirk Winter

Business owners and pedestrians in Lindsay’s downtown core are concerned with the condition of many of the almost-new interlocking bricks that were installed on Kent Street, and a number of the adjoining side streets, as part of the downtown revitalization program last fall.

A recent thaw has exposed numerous bricks that either are no longer level or have significant damage done to their tops.

Posts to social media by concerned store owners ask how this much damage could be done to the bricks over just one winter. Some are questioning the quality of the installation, while others wonder about the quality of the materials used.

When contacted for comment, Cheri Davidson, manager of communications, advertising and marketing said they are aware of the issue.

“Our director of engineering is aware of the condition of the new brick in downtown Lindsay and is working with the supplier to have it replaced under warranty. This will take place when the weather and supply of materials permits; we are targeting this spring.”

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