Councillors consider run for mayor’s job but not ready to commit yet

Among a survey of current councillors, Pat Dunn, Doug Elmslie and Ron Ashmore are all considering a run for the mayor’s position next November.

Ward to run for mayor

Prominent local lawyer ready to leave law profession to commit to public service

High profile Lindsay lawyer Jason Ward has made it official — he will be running for mayor in next year’s municipal election.

Grassroots group says ATV fight is “not over”

Darryl James, a local entrepreneur and father of three who helped galvanize support to keep ORVs off Lindsay’s streets, says the fight is “not over.”

Off-road vehicles to access Lindsay streets as Letham loses motion

Yeo changes his vote from last time council voted on issue to back Dunn

In a stunning about-face, Kawartha Lakes council voted down a motion by Mayor Andy Letham to prohibit ORVs from accessing local, collector or arterial roads in Lindsay.

The diversity crisis in municipal politics

Since the last round of municipal elections in Ontario in 2018, experts have been parsing the results and many say they are very concerned with what they have discovered. It is clear to many in the media, politics and academia that municipal councils do not reflect the people they govern.

City debates significant tax increases for 10 straight years

City facing massive shortfall of money for capital projects

Will city residents be facing a 45 per cent property tax increase over 10 years? Or maybe it will be the closure of arenas, libraries, and community halls? Perhaps limiting garbage pick-up to every other week?

Homeowners win exclusion from heritage register

Three deputations made by local citizens at the most recent city council committee of the whole meeting proved that with a little bit of research and the willingness to engage politicians, citizens can change decisions made by senior Kawartha Lakes staff about inclusion of properties on the heritage register.