Bobcaygeon C.H.E.S.T. Fund recognizes eight local groups

By Kirk Winter

The Globus Theatre was looking for $7,000 for tuition subsidies for their School of Dramatic Arts and was successful in their ask.

Members of the Bobcaygeon Legacy C.H.E.S.T. Fund granting committee met on Nov. 2 to review and recommend applications for the disbursement of $64,000 in 2023.

The committee agreed to support all or part of the eight applications they received before the posted close date, and the successful groups and the amount of their grants were announced at Kawartha Lakes council on Dec. 13.

Funding for the Bobcaygeon Legacy C.H.E.S.T. Fund comes for the interest on the money invested after the sale of Bobcaygeon Hydro to Ontario Hydro more than two decades ago. The council of the day decided that the principle should be invested for perpetuity, and that a percentage of the interest accrued each year should be granted to worthy non-profit groups within the community who make application for the funding on a yearly basis.

One group received 100 percent of the funding they requested, while seven other groups were granted a percentage of what they were applying for.

In no particular order, the successful applicants included the Bobcaygeon Canada Day Committee who asked for $11,000 for fireworks and received $9,570. The Bobcaygeon Music Council asked for $11,500 to cover the costs of music instructors for their summer music camp and received $9,000. The Ontario Open Fiddle and Step organization asked for $7,566.71 to fund their event and were granted $3,510.37 instead.

The Globus Theatre was looking for $7,000 for tuition subsidies for their School of Dramatic Arts and received the full $7,000 from the committee. Impact 32-Beautify Bobcaygeon asked for $24,995.50 to cover the costs of hanging baskets and watering for their “Launch the Summer” event and received $12,850. The Sheila Boyd Foundation requested $30,000.00 to install a kitchenette at the Boyd Museum and were awarded a third of that, receiving $10,000. The Bobcaygeon and District Lions Club asked for $8,000 to repair soffits, fascia and eavestrough at their Main Street headquarters and were granted $7,000. Last, Environmental Action Bobcaygeon requested $11,263.75 to install educational signage and a water bottle refill station and were awarded $5,000.

In total, the committee had $105,653.00 to spend for 2023 and community groups requested $111,285.96.

After much discussion and difficult decisions, the committee disbursed a little over 60 per cent of what they have accrued, investing the remainder back into the fund for another year.

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