Being kind to animals includes spaying, neutering says local Humane Society

By Lindsay Advocate

Being kind to animals includes spaying, neutering says local Humane Society

Submitted by Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes

Being kind to animals isn’t just about giving them a pet on the head or a treat. Being kind to animals means so much more.

By spaying or neutering your pet, you are being kind. The City Kawartha Lakes has a cat over-population problem and the public can help to curb this issue by spaying and neutering not only their pet cats, but also barn and feral cats.

Spaying/neutering is a straightforward medical procedure. It comes with many health benefits too, including the reduction in the risk of developing certain cancers and illnesses. Neutered cats and dogs are less likely to mark their territory by spraying strong-smelling urine in your home or yard. That’s a huge benefit in itself!

At this time the shelter cannot offer spay/neuter services to the community, as we do not have the funding. What we can do, is recommend that you contact a local vet for pricing or get in touch with the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society low-cost spay/neuter services. This is a high-volume, self-sustaining operation, which welcomes both the public and rescue groups. This service does not discriminate against income levels and it does not matter what part of Ontario you are from.

Here at the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes, we have dedicated May to be our Monthly Donor Drive month. We will be working hard to inspire, educated and encourage the public to consider joining our Monthly Donor Club.

Our Monthly Donors have the opportunity to choose where their money goes. Many donors have helped us greatly by dedicating their gifts to our Marj Owen Spay/Neuter Fund. We are proud to say that every cat/kitten, dog/puppy, is spayed/neutered before they are adopted. We also vaccinate and microchip, before your new family member leaves the shelter.

Why become a Monthly Donor and not just make a one-time donation? Many people ask this and the simple answer is, sustainability. Monthly Donors help us to manage our cash flow month to month. In the case of spay/neuters, we know how much money is in our fund, which helps us to know how many pets we can have altered one month to the next. The faster pets are fixed, the faster we can have them join their forever families.

Monthly Donor Club members enjoy perks too. Percentages off adoptions, HSKL merchandise, voting rights at our Annual General Meeting and more. We are here to answer any questions you may have and you can always visit us at to read up on the benefits of becoming a member.

We are doing our best to curb pet over-population and we hope you will too. Contact your vet or the Ontario SPCA today to make that very important appointment.  Believe us, it’s the kindest thing you can do!

Call 705-878-4618, email , visit or 107 McLaughlin Road, Lindsay.

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Service Contact Information:

Ontario SPCA Centre Veterinary Hospital, Stouffville/Newmarket – 905-898-6112

Ontario SPCA Marion Vernon Memorial Animal Clinic, Barrie – 705-734-9882

On-line – (click the ‘Spay/Neuter’ button for more information)

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  1. Stan says:

    Cull the strays. Keep your house cats inside. Save the endangered birds.

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