Accept change, don’t fear it

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“Cancel culture, cancel culture, cancel culture”… we keep hearing it over and over in diatribes about how it’s “taking over” common sense. I get it, there’s always fear inherent in change. It’s a natural part of the human condition but… we used to hang in trees too — literally.

There was a time when we never cooked what we ate, there was a time before writing, there was a time before cities, there was a time when we drove horse and buggy then we drove cars and now it appears we will likely soon drive electric vehicles almost exclusively in the near future, if something else more exciting doesn’t come along.


Change is also literally a part of the human condition… so yes, we can respond with fear, frustration, anger, hate — or perhaps, just maybe we could instead have understanding that change is inevitable, change is what makes us better, and for some things that we have been dragging around for so long isn’t it about time for change?

I don’t fear it, I welcome it.

I don’t have so much self-importance to think that my childhood, however wonderful, is the one and only perfect model of what the world should be.

I still have my childhood memories; they haven’t been stolen from me. But I for one intend to be looked back upon as someone who accepted the challenges of change honestly, not someone who lived in the past. Change is good.

Scott Hodge, Lindsay

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  1. Umm cancel culture isn’t about ‘change’… it’s about targeting someone who unintentionally hurt a snowflakes (or group of snowflakes) feelings and destroying that persons life for no legitimate reason. It has nothing to do with any REAL grievance or offense. Nice to see you welcome it though…hopefully the ‘woke’ groups on social media don’t go after you for an opinion you have, that they don’t approve of.

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