100 Kids Who Care makes 500 kindness cards for seniors

By Lindsay Advocate

Cards made by 100 kids who care

On a normal year there are typically three in-person meetings run by 100 Kids Who Care, a grass-roots organization that empowers youth to make a positive impact in the world by giving back to the community they live in. Kids in Kawartha Lakes normally attend these meetings with $10 of their own money, so that they can listen to different local charitable organizations pitch their cause, and then vote on which ones to donate their money to. Typically 100 Kids Who Care raises about $500 at each of these meetings.

However, with COVID-19 limiting in-person meetings this year, the 100 Kids Who Care team decided to try a different strategy. They conceived of a new type of campaign that took what 100 Kids Who Care stands for, and planned something even bigger for the holiday season. On Nov. 1, the Kindness Card campaign was launched.

The premise was simple: kids in Kawartha Lakes make holiday cards for seniors in exchange for community donations to the local Meals on Wheels program.

The campaign closed on Dec. 15 and it was a success. Over 500 holiday cards and holiday-themed colouring sheets were created by children in the community and dropped off at participating locations, such as Fresh Fuell and Tradewind Toys.

Some schools also participated in making cards, including Grandview Public School and Heritage Christian School. Because there were so many more kids who participated in making cards than expected, these cards are being delivered not only to Community Care’s Meals on Wheels clients, but also to four local nursing homes so that as many seniors as possible can receive them.

With isolation being an ongoing reality for seniors, especially in the midst of COVID-19, the goal of the cards was to remind them they are not alone.

The campaign also raised $1,175 for Community Care’s Meals on Wheels program through donations. Meals on Wheels ensures the nutritional needs of seniors living alone are met while also providing social interaction and safety checks from the volunteers who make the deliveries.

“We are so proud of the kids in our community for stepping up and making these incredible holiday cards, and each one will brighten a senior’s day.” says Leanna Segura, one of the parent organizers of 100 Kids Who Care Kawartha Lakes.

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