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Happiness is derived from community: Perspectives from a remote African village

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Happiness is derived from community: Perspectives from a remote African village

As a new immigrant to Canada, with little knowledge of domestic waste management realities, hearing of the introduction of a producer-pays model in Ontario by 2023 is worth commending.

It was interesting to read that only 9 per cent of plastic waste is recycled nationwide in Canada. Data here shows that incinerators burn just about 5 per cent of the waste, emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and just over 61 per cent of kitchen and yard waste is composted while our landfills suck up the greatest portion (72 per cent) and are filling up faster than we may have ever expected.

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Tim Hortons’ cups are landfill, not recyling: City

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In the coming weeks, Kawartha Lakes will begin to implement new changes to the curbside waste and recycling collection.

This includes new rules around disposing certain items, such as Styrofoam products and coffee cups.

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Green Dishes program eliminates need for disposable dishes: Kawartha Lakes Food Source

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Kawartha Lakes Food Source announced the kick-off of a new program designed to eliminate the need for disposable dishes at community events, while also supporting food banks across the Kawartha Lakes.

“We were inspired by our recent work with FoodRescue.ca to expand our efforts to reduce waste related to food and its consumption,” says Jessica Topfer, FoodRescue.ca coordinator at Kawartha Lakes Food Source.

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Trash talk: A plastic waste challenge

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From L to R: Jamie Morris, Sylvia Keesmaat, Councillor Tracy Richardson, Ginny Colling, and Deb Pearson.

Last year, more than 917 tonnes of plastic was collected from our 38,000 households in Kawartha Lakes. That’s the calculation of Kerry Snoddy, whose forbidding job title is City of Kawartha Lakes waste management regulatory compliance officer.

It’s so easy for each of us to produce heaping, full bins of plastic waste. Reducing plastics to the absolute minimum? Much more difficult.

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Unwrapped: New store aims for zero waste and sustainable living

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Jenny Connell, owner of Unwrapped. The store is located at 101 Kent St., Lindsay.

For her rustic and reused-themed wedding Jenny Connell took a friend’s mother up on an offer of mismatched dishes and cutlery that otherwise sits in boxes 363 days of the year — brought out only for the annual Amnesty International and Machik dinners.

Afterwards Jenny and her husband, Sam, rolled up their sleeves, cleaned off the dishes, and before heading off on their honeymoon, returned them (along with a donation to Amnesty International).

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Plastic shock: Tonnes of waste destined for landfill from old Northern Plastic plant

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Plastic shock: Tonnes of waste destined for landfill from old Northern Plastic plant
Inside the 50,000 sq. ft building, the sight was shocking. Photos: Jamie Morris.

The former Northern Plastic Lumber plant in Lindsay was sold in 2014 to a U.S. company but its corporate legacy lives on – in the form of what may be up to 40,000 tonnes of abandoned plastic waste still to be disposed of.

Almost six years ago the plant was bought by a U.S. firm and all the equipment was moved to Pennsylvania. All the plastic raw material was left behind for disposal by the new owners.

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