Free tree seedling from Country Cupboard for first 100 people

By Lindsay Advocate

Free tree seedling from Country Cupboard for first 100 people

Following overwhelming support and demand from the Fenelon Falls community, Country Cupboard will be extending their hours effective this week.

“The response from the entire community has been fantastic,” says owner Julia Taylor. “Customers really enjoy being able to save money and shop smarter for many of their everyday staples.”

Starting this week, Country Cupboard will be open Monday to Wednesday 9 am to 5 pm with extended hours on Thursday and Friday, 9 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm.

“We understand people have busy lives and often times are taking kids to different activities or running here and there,” says Taylor. “We want to be available to our customers when it is more convenient for them.”

To celebrate the new extended hours, Country Cupboard is giving away 100 free tree seedlings starting on Thursday, May 3 at 5 pm.

“Customers can come pick up tree seedlings, while supplies last,” says Taylor. “We will have Red Oak, Sugar Maple, Red Maple and Hemlock bare root seedlings from Kawartha Conservation.”

Shopping at Country Cupboard is about more than friendly, local customer service and saving money though, it is also an environmental choice.

“We have not given out a plastic bag in over a month. Instead we offer free glass jars, free cloth bags, or paper bags,” says Taylor. “We have gone plastic free for bulk food.”

Customers also receive an additional 10 per cent discount for bringing in your own reusable containers on top of the already great prices.

“Community enthusiasm has been amazing, with 99.9 per cent of people taking advantage of the jars, and over half of our customers bringing their own reusable containers,” says Taylor.

“We have also been able to switch a lot of our most purchased packaged products to bulk to reduce waste, and switched to compostable spoons and cups for frozen yogurt.”

Country Cupboard also provides cloth or paper grocery bags for whole purchases. The free jars that are available to customers are pre-weighed and set out, and when people bring in their own jars they weigh them before filling so they are not charged for the weight of the jar.

“The environment is part of our bottom line and is considered in all aspects of our operation,” she says.

“I am planning to bring in as many household staples in bulk to reduce waste for our community even more, including dish soap, laundry soap, toiletries and more.”

Country Cupboard is a full service health and bulk food store that also sells frozen yogurt. It is located at 9 May Street in Fenelon Falls.