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Shrink your carbon ‘foodprint’

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

Eat your vegetables. Parents are right about that.

Tackling climate change: If not now, when? If not us, who?

I don’t like writing or talking about climate change. I feel like such a “gloom and doomer,” a “David Downer,” a party pooper.

The electric road-trip acid test

I’d dreamed of taking my EV on a long road trip since I bought it in 2019.

Life and death of Munroe Scott

The New-Green Libservative Party of Canada

A friend of mine confided she often finds it difficult to know which way to vote, since no one party’s platform seems to completely resonate with her. I feel her pain.

Satanic raisins and a lament for a fading summer

Is anyone else having trouble believing that we are already in late August? I mean seriously, where did the summer go?

Time to walk and roll

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

During the pandemic a neighbour who found himself working from home walked off 80 pounds. We’d see him lapping the block multiple times a day. He’s still walking, sometimes with his son.

So many left behind — now we reap what we have sown

Despite all the discussion about how divided we are as a nation now, there has always been one key reason for that division — and we have yet to meaningfully address it.