Shrink your carbon ‘foodprint’

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

Eat your vegetables. Parents are right about that.

Agriculture is essential to the local economy and way of life, but development is booming — how do we find the right balance?

In one of the best growing seasons in recent memory — local farmers have been spared both droughts and deluges — there seems to be a new crop sprouting in fields around Kawartha Lakes.

Time to walk and roll

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

During the pandemic a neighbour who found himself working from home walked off 80 pounds. We’d see him lapping the block multiple times a day. He’s still walking, sometimes with his son.

It’s a plastic world

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

Cleaning out my parents’ house a couple of years ago, I found my child-sized wooden kitchen cupboard. 

Time to turf the turf

Cool Tips for a Hot Planet series

Some people want to see their kids off grass (aka marijuana).  But there’s also a movement underfoot to get our yards off grass. 

Putting the brakes on climate breakdown starts with this election

Crunch time. For students, that can mean exams.  For teachers, report card deadlines.  For accountants, tax season. For all of us, collectively, the stress test of meeting our climate targets.

Youth-oriented organization rallies 100 kids to join a litter pickup project in Kawartha Lakes

The Kawartha Lakes chapter of 100 Kids Who Care kicked off a two-week campaign on Earth Day to rally 100 kids to clean up litter in Kawartha Lakes between April 22-May 7.