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Schmale under fire for seeking guidance from constituents on outlawing conversion therapy

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A growing outcry is developing after local MP Jamie Schmale decided to hold a constituency-level referendum on Bill C-6, which would outlaw conversion therapy.

Conversion therapy is a range of dangerous and discredited practices that could attempt to change someone’s sexual orientation, such as from lesbian, gay, or bisexual to straight. These practices have been rejected by every mainstream medical and mental health organization for many years.

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Schmale announces referendum: Medical assistance in dying bill

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Local MP Jamie Schmale announced that he will hold a constituency referendum – his third – to give every eligible voter in his riding the opportunity to cast a vote on whether Schmale should vote in favour of, or against, Bill C-7, An Act to amend the Criminal Code (Medical Assistance in Dying), when it comes to its final vote in the House of Commons.

“I believe the people of Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock deserve to have their opinions heard directly. As such, I am asking the people of our riding how I should vote on this bill through a constituency referendum,” said Schmale.

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Former PM John Turner and the Arctic Youth Corp

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John Turner, Canada's 17th prime minister and avid canoeist.

The South Nahanni River is one of the world’s great waterways. At 563 km long it snakes through the Selwyn Mountains and part of the Mackenzie Mountains in Canada’s vast Northwest Territories.

Along its storied water path you’ll find all manner of hot springs, glaciers, marshes, desert-like landscapes, incredible hoodoos, and bottomless lakes.

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Advocate signs national declaration seeking basic income as federal policy

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Senator Kim Pate is one of four senators to sign the statement.

The Lindsay Advocate is one of 3,600 organizations or individuals across Canada to sign a statement of support just released today to ask for basic income to be made a federal policy. The statement is directed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, and other cabinet ministers.

Released today by the Basic Income Canada Network and other organizations, a “Statement on Basic Income: A Case for Women,” makes the case that women, especially, have been impacted harder than men during the pandemic and a basic income would not have left so many people out.

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A view from Parliament Hill: What the heck is prorogation?

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When former prime minister Stephen Harper prorogued parliament there were mass demonstrations -- including one in Montreal where a young Liberal leader named Justin Trudeau attended.

To understand prorogation, we must first have a quick refresher on the parliamentary cycle.

Following an election, the party with the most seats in the House of Commons is to ask the Crown, represented by the Governor General in our case, to form government.

This is a formality, as the Crown rarely rejects this request. The next step is for the new government to lay out what it plans to provide for Canadians.

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Schmale appointed shadow minister for families, children, and social development

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Local MP Jamie Schmale was appointed today as shadow minister for Families, Children and Social Development by Conservative Party of Canada leader Erin O’Toole.

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Schmale backs O’Toole for Conservative Party leader

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Jamie Schmale, the Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MP, has thrown his support behind Erin O’Toole for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, which will be determined by mail-in ballot in mid-August.

“Erin is a strategic thinker, level headed and a voice of reason in difficult times,” Schmale said.

The decision was not taken lightly, and the local member shared that both what he wanted, and the wishes of the local riding executive were taken into consideration before he declared for O’Toole.

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Schmale talks Conservative leadership race, COVID-19, indigenous blockades, and CBC

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Anti-energy activists are creating a situation “where no one has permission to start anything" says Schmale.

Jamie Schmale, the Conservative member of parliament for Haliburton – Kawartha Lakes – Brock, spent 90 minutes with the Advocate, via telephone, to share what he has been doing, his views on the Conservative leadership race, the COVID-19 pandemic, funding for the CBC, and his role in the Conservative shadow cabinet.

Jamie Schmale has been back in his local riding since March 13. While parliament has re-opened in a limited way – one in-person sitting per week, augmented by two Zoom sittings – there is only a skeleton crew of parliamentarians needed who are selected by their individual parties.

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A View from Parliament Hill: A summary of the COVID-19 emergency response act

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The House of Commons began debate early this morning on the federal government’s response to the economic and social upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 Emergency Response Act was presented to parliament after a marathon of last-minute negotiations among the major political parties and outlines the framework that will be used by government to spend the proposed $107 billion to assist individuals, small businesses, along with the nation’s housing, banking and financial sectors.

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Trudeau just green lit a ‘basic income’ for Canadians

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Trudeau just green lit a ‘basic income’ for Canadians this week

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has just announced a basic income for Canadians this past week. Well, he didn’t call it that, and yet that’s exactly what happened – at least temporarily.

A basic income ensures everyone an income sufficient to meet basic needs and live with dignity, regardless of one’s work status.

Basic income, in Canada, would look similar to the Canada Child Benefit. That is, as wages increase the benefit declines, but it declines progressively – not dollar for dollar.

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