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When local politics gets ugly — and most likely illegal

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Andy Letham, Gord James, Brian Junkin, Peter Weygang.

A rather thick document — that purports to be a ‘report’ on Mayor Andy Letham — is now circulating amongst some members of the public. The document is clearly professionally produced and is ring-bound, containing approximately 300 pages. It is also accompanied by a 19-page summary ‘report’, which is basically a repeat of any original material in the larger document.

The Lindsay Advocate became aware of this document on Saturday, September 22 from mayoral candidate Peter Weygang. On Sunday, September 23, Advocate Publisher Roderick Benns met with Weygang, who in turn had invited mayoral candidates’ Gord James and Brian Junkin to discuss this for about 30 minutes.

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Kawartha Lakes makes splash in craft beer scene

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Kawartha Lakes makes splash in craft beer scene
Scott Nichol, Agatha and Vinh Mac, and Jennifer Boksman with Aaron Young. Beer tourism is about to get serious in Kawartha Lakes.

For a craft beer enthusiast within the Toronto area, names like Steam Whistle, Mill Street, and Black Oak resonate. They – like several others – are all breweries recognized for their great tours in the GTA.

But given their geographic location, none of them can hold a candle to the natural charm and get-away feel of Kawartha Lakes – and at least one craft beer entrepreneur here thinks that’s going to help make this area make a splash in the craft brewery scene.

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Innovative Pie Eyed Monk Brewery aims for health of entire downtown

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Innovative Pie Eyed Monk Brewery aims for health of entire downtown
Pie Eyed Monk Brewery owner wants to be part of a healthy business eco-system. Photo: Jennifer Boksman Photography.

It’s evident that Aaron Young, serial entrepreneur and business leader, has a clear-eyed vision for his much-anticipated new business, the Pie Eyed Monk Brewery.

Located near the corner of Kent and Cambridge Streets in Lindsay, it’s a vision that’s not really about just one business, but something bigger – something like a destination point.

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